Life’s Crossroads to freedom

intersectionJuly 4, 2015

The crossroads to freedom required some personal risk.  Therefore, what is risk and how do you know when it is time to take it?  I can tell you that wherever this authentic womanly journey takes me is worth every bit of risk required!  I have chosen to live my life following my authentic self and heart.  My goal for the past 8 years has been to be the very best me.  If I spend my time focused on being my best self, then all things seem to fall into place.  That does not mean that I try to be the best or that this goal is easy.  There is comparison or competition between others and myself.  I simply want to love myself fully and live my unique life aloud without fear.  My journey on the way to being my best self has been twisted and filled with surprises.  Joy, love, fear and heartache have frequented my path.  Yet, I needed every single one of those steps along the twisted path to get where I am today.

I see now that I stand at a crossroad.  It almost feels literal at times.  Life I am walking on a dirt path and come to an intersection with four choices.  There is a path to the left, right, straight ahead and the opportunity to turn around.  I can choose to dance in place or dress up the intersection, but it is still an intersection.  In order to move forward, I must first make a choice and second take the risk while moving in that chosen direction.

A friend once told me, you know that it is time to take the risk when you realize that you are no longer afraid of what the destination will hold or look like, yet you know deep in your bones that it is better than where you are right now.  I am there!  I am excited to see what this Womanly Journey will hold for me next!  Stay tuned for tales of freedom!


Kristin Springfield