My graduation day is set!

July 25, 2015

Montana Kristin SpringfieldIt is official!  I am graduation from my employment on August 28, 2015!  The excitement and panic remind me of the day I graduated from college ready to begin my career as an occupational therapist.  I am now graduating from that career and setting myself on a Womanly Journey just for my growth.  Many new names bubble to the surface as I share my quests that are fitting Soul Journey, Glitter Rush, Sabbatical, midlife crisis, and the adventure of a lifetime.  Now that I have, your attention let me share where I am today.

I have taken an amazing leap by quitting my job with only one purpose; I desire to remember whom I am and love her completely.  I have come to a crossroad and need to take this risk.  I want to get back to the very basics and travel this amazing country to hug all the trees I can.  When I was a little girl, one of my favorite activities was to be outside running and playing around trees.  I used to climb trees in my grandparents yard and could not wait for the tree in my own yard to grow so I could sit up high in it.  Walking in the woods over the past year has brought such peace to my soul, that I want more time surrounded by nature.

I am taking a minimum of 6 months off from any career.  My amazing friend and financial adviser set forth two objectives for my adventure.  He said that while on this journey I need to quiet my mind and pay attention to what brings me joy.  If I find something that brings me joy and passion, I am to figure out how to make money doing it.  If I do not find that on my trip, he explained that was okay, yet I could not return to full time work until I did.  If you want his number, let me know!

Timing is everything isn’t it.  My final day as a regional manager for a wonderful company is August 28.  That is the day my daughter returns home after her summer of working in Florida.  The following week I accompany her to the beginning of her new life in Rhode Island.  I have the privilege of loving her as she spreads her wings of independence.  I return home to friends and loved ones who will support me as I spread my wings of independence while setting forth on my self-discovery journey.

There will be blog posts and pictures along the way.  Stay tuned to learn more.  My intention is to share the transformational experiences that guided me to this moment, for I did not wake up one day and look for my life to unravel.  I do believe there is the opportunity for connection with others when sharing authentically.  I am so gracious for where is this unraveling is leading me.  I do not know where I will end up or what I will do for a living at the conclusion of this journey.  This is the most unorthodox experience I have ever decided to take.  Follow along or join me on the road!  I am excited to pick the pieces of myself up along the way.


Krazy K