A day to rest, so says my spirit

The day to rest, so says my spirit

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Posted on: September 29, 2015 • 0 Comments

The weather in Portland, OR is amazing today!   80+ degrees and sunny.  The Springfield in me would have hit the ground running in order to get in all things touristy, because I have only one day here.  That tends to be how the Springfield family does things!  Well, my spirit had other plans.  I found myself enjoying a leisurely breakfast in a small local restaurant.  That is a rarity in my life.  Yogurt, coffee and a power bar are the staples of a large breakfast.

My personality tried to push in order to go into town for a garden experience.”Okay fine,” says my spirit, “Try to go to the Japanese gardens.”  Of course, they are closed for renovations until spring.  My personality pushes for 1 more garden.  As parking would have it, there was no place to park, anywhere downtown this morning.  FINE, my spirit wins.

I give way and follow my spirit.  I end up in the same small quaint neighborhood I started the day with.  Starbucks for a cup of coffee at a table outside to write and read my newest friend recommended book, The Voice of Knowledge.  Which happens to have the perfect message for me along this journey!  It is all about unlearning of life’s lies in order to live in truth and love.  How random. Not!  Then after visiting a few local shops, my spirit was calling for a nap. My personality yells, “WHAT?  There is only this day to experience Portland!”  I then remember the message from a friend’s pray yesterday was to be still.  I find myself relenting again.  ” Okay, my spirit, you win.”  I returned to my perfect Portland hideaway and slept for a few hours.

Upon awaking I was lead to a lovely walk in the woods followed by a backyard yoga class.  I must confess that this spirit lead day was exactly what I needed.

I have learned that a large city is exciting and enjoyable to visit.  Yet, I much prefer the woods.  Tomorrow I am off to the Redwoods. Perfection!