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Posted on: October 6, 2015 • 1 Comment

Without realizing it, this day was filled with some important anniversaries.  Today marks the one month anniversary of my leaving home for this adventure.  Summoning up the courage to quit the rest of my life as I have known it, get in the car, and travel to places I have never been before, is something I am so thankful I have done!  This past month has brought such peace to my soul. Today also marks the one year anniversary since the end of my second marriage.    Gratitude washes over me for both of those anniversaries for different reasons.    Reviewing old journal entries that describe my emotional rawness from one year ago, further confirms growth.  The emotional roller coaster from one year ago can be summed up with the feeling like falling off a cliff.  Things in my relationship had taken a turn toward emotional abuse and despite all of the efforts to change that course, it was too late.  I became the person that triggered every emotional pain in my beloved. Once that occurred there was no turning back, unfortunately.  We are both now completely free.  I am so loving my version of freedom!

My hike today ended at Taft’s point, which in essence is a cliff that drops to the Yosemite valley floor.  I was 8123 feet above sea level.  The valley floor is 4000 feet below that.  It was a perfect visual of how I felt one year ago today.  Except a year ago, I felt as though I fell off the cliff.  As I sat on the edge today, I found peace in the view around me.  Have I healed emotionally to that level?  I don’t know.  Yet the emotional floor I felt a year ago was raw, painful and filled with tears. To be physically above the floor reminded me to keep my heart open, look lovingly toward the sky, and embrace a sense of wonder!  I am getting closer everyday to loving myself fully, and it is a pretty amazing journey.



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  • On October 22, 2015 at 10:00 pm (Edit) Sherolyn said:
  • I can relate with so many of your posts on so many levels. I’m glad you are learning to love yourself, as you are such a great person, and certainly worthy of love, especially for yourself.
  • I’m excited for you and your adventure and the one yet to be lived when this part of your adventure draws to a close.