Coincidence or not?

Coincidence or not?

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Posted on: September 21, 2015 • 2 Comments

Coincidence or not?!  I visited the lovely town of Livingston, MT this afternoon.  Art galleries, coffee shops, Victorian homes, a  tattoo shop, bars and thrift stores are nestled here.  Hmmh.  I love all of those things now and I most definitely did at 22 years old, when I graduated college.  Is this my current spot? Or one I am collecting my youthful pieces?  I walked into a gift store and found my favorite line of jewelry, Holly Ashi.

Delightfully they had the pair of earrings that I lost one of 6 months ago and just had made into a pendant before I left for this journey.  The owner’s name is Kristen.  Random?!?!

I continued along my walk to find an Alchemy center.  That may not mean anything to anyone else, yet to me it means emotional freedom.  I started intense therapy towards Alchemy or transformation several  years ago.   Another moment caught between laughter and passing out.  There were several  other messages that are so necessary  to this moment in my life, that they are hard to ignore.  So not only does this location gather my childhood desires, it also brings my adulthood home to me as well.  I have about 10 more states to visit.  We shall see what they have to offer as far as my spot.


Kristin Springfield

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