Collecting my younger self

9-7-15 collecting my younger self

My first night on the trip will be remembered forever!

This trip I chose to stay in Airbnb places.  Hotel traveling can be so lonely.  I had been doing that for many years and wanted to experience something different.  The first stop along my journey is in Lexington, KY.  The home I am staying in is located in the historic district and owned by Karma.  Wow!  My thought was, let us stay with Karma on the first night of this healing journey!

Karma is spectacular!  The home is lovely and she asks if I like live jazz music.  Sure, I like live jazz music, especially if it is free and within walking distance.  My luck would have it that this event was indeed free and just down the street.  As Karma begins to share the details, I feel my legs get weak.  She shares that this event is being held at the Ashland Henry Clay Estate on Richmond Ave.  I realize that I must go to this place!  You see this information is very important to me.  I married my first husband in Ashland, VA and the Henry Clay Inn while we lived in Richmond, VA.  As I am walking to this event, I am struck by the similarities of this place to where I lived with my first husband in Richmond.  The street is lined with historic homes.  It is tree lined with a grass median, just like the street we lived on together.

I arrive at this music event to be greeted by about 100 young families and couples.  They are roughly ranging in age from early 20s to mid 30s, which of course is the ages my first husband and I were married to each other.  It was nice to reminisce and show gratitude to that time as well as to the end of that marriage.  After the amazing band ended their set, I made my way around to the front of the estate. I noticed a sign upon entering that I wanted to look at.  I was curious to learn if this was the same Henry Clay that was prominent in Ashland, VA.  I am disappointed to read that this plaque is about the heating system of the estate.  Yet laugh aloud as I discover the name of this state of the art system is Springfield!

Thank you God for making these signs loud and obvious!  Please continue to do so along this journey, for I do not want to miss anything!


Kristin Springfield