First time Hosteler!

First time hosteler!

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Posted on: September 17, 2015 • 0 Comments

First time Hosteler

I arrive at a beautiful log cabin to be welcomed by a wonderful woman, Beth. After I move in to my room shared with up to 5 other people, I realize that I am not familiar with the ways of hostel living. It is obvious I am in the right place, once I see the live turtle. After settling in I brought in a bottle of wine and asked my host, Beth, if she would like a glass. It was obvious at that point that I had failed to read the rules! Much to my delight, she let me break the rules and drink alcohol. Thank God! Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions. Fortunately, Beth liked me and we struck up conversation and stayed up later than the other guests. When you have a private room, staying up late is not an issue. Sharing a room with 2 men that are already asleep is another thing entirely! Failing to prepare by laying out PJs, sexy sleeping socks, and needed toiletries to get ready for bed, led to great deal of noise from me while they were sleeping. That is okay, I was paid back with soft snoring and a brief bout of talking while sleeping. I smiled as I was reminded of marriage. The disadvantage was it would have been inappropriate to gently nudge my roommate to roll over. Fortunately, I just made believe the snoring was a noise machine. I slept great!

This morning was interesting as well. The guests woke at roughly the same time and met in the kitchen for breakfast. It was delightful. About 6 guests were from Hong Kong. My roommates were from Brazil, and Chicago. It was a great mix of kindness for breakfast. I had no idea how the cooking or food thing worked. Beth shared with me that she had simple breakfast items that we were welcome to cook for ourselves, which included eggs, coffee and a plethora of gluten-filled items. Fortunately, my roomy from Brazil was the resident expert and could show all the newbie guests around the food, utensils, cups, plates, and silverware. It reminded me of see one, do one, teach one. Tomorrow I wonder whom I will be teaching.

I came “home” after a long hike exhausted. Curling up on one of the couches in the living room to write and read while other guests did the same thing was delightful. Everyone is kind, considerate, patient, and comfortable doing his or her own thing. There is a perfect balance of talking and silence. This experience so far has been great, especially since I get to break the rules with wine! I am here until Sunday. It will be interesting what other guests I meet and where they are from.