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Freedom reclaimed

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Posted on: October 8, 2015 • 4 Comments

Today while I stood on top of Moro Rock at 6725 feet in elevation above sea level in Sequoia National Park , something shifted. Granted I did walk up over 400 steps, so the feeling different was more than feeling my heartbeat in my ears.  Looking out onto the skyline brought tears to my eyes.  I had just ascended the stairway to my heaven and the beauty of this place brought such overwhelming peace and love in my heart.  Actually, this love was overflowing right out of my eyes.  The message that came to mind was, “You are absolutely free! You needed to be here to understand that.  I am so proud of you!”

Yesterday, I felt as though I was so close to something.  Like the moment before a breakthrough in a problem that you’ve struggled to solve.  When you know you are close to solving that complicated math problem, yet it still needs work and you can almost see the solution unfold right before your eyes.  That excitement is what I felt all day yesterday.  Maybe it was being in this amazing forest of giants.  When realizing these trees have lived for thousands of years, things in my life gained clarity.  I don’t feel insignificant in comparison.  Nor do I believe that my struggles mean nothing.  Quite the opposite.  I feel very significant and valuable when living life as my authentic self.  I see that my struggles and misunderstandings were necessary for me to reach the point of where I am today.  For all of that, I am so thankful!  It is incredible to feel the weight of carrying those struggles simply shed away.  The weight is melting.  It is remarkable to realize how much emotional pain weighs on the heart and soul.

I have absolutely no idea what I will do while dedicated to being authentic. Nor do I know where that will be or how I will get there.  I surrender all of that to the universe.  I promise to focus on blooming wherever I am, while allowing others to move through their process however they choose.

So much of my past has been trying to either gain understanding and value from others when I had neither of those things for myself.  Even when I received those things, I had no way of recognizing it.  If there is no place for something to land, it goes by unnoticed.  Similar to expecting an airplane to land where there is no airport.  In emergencies airplanes can land without an airport, yet those tend to be in extreme circumstances without 100% of successful landings.  I see why people project onto others what they see most in themselves.  An angry person is most likely to end up angry with another, because that is what the recognize most.  A jealous person will eventually project jealousy onto you.  The same is true for a very hurt person.  I projected a great deal of needing to grow and become better onto others.  I forever am growing and healing.  That is my journey.  That has not been the same for others in my life.  Honoring where each person is and understanding impermanence would have added more love and grace to moving on.

I am honoring my journey, embracing impermanence and loving where I am in my process right now.  The scenery is absolutely spectacular!  God has created some incredibly places that I am fortunate to experience.  Man is an amazing creator as well, yet God and Mother Nature certainly have us beat!



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  • On October 9, 2015 at 6:53 pm (Edit) Emily said:
  • Happiness is the willingness to allow yourself to be you. I’m so proud of you!!!
  • Best
  • Emily
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  • On October 11, 2015 at 6:16 pm (Edit) Kirsten Lausier said:
  • Hey Kristin,
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    • On October 11, 2015 at 6:26 pm (Edit) Kirsten Lausier said:
    • Hi Kristen, It is so good to hear of your wonderful journeys and your description of self growth and spiritual connectivity is beautiful! You have earned every second and I’m glad you struck out to the calling without inhibition and with all your great ambition at that! You are truly an inspiration and I have learned so much from you. Keep moving, creating, experimenting, feeling and growing while keeping us up to date, your posts are so well written that I feel like I’m right next to you.
    • Are you still taking orders for the Womanly Journey products? I want to purchase some items for my daughter and start providing the education via your program sooner that later. Patricia is 9 years old now and really starting to blossom, she yearns to be healthy and I want to encourage and feed her with the good knowledge, sound advice and provide a path to good mental, physical and spiritual health for her.. and me too!!!
    • ~ Kirsten Lausier 757-803-8689
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  • On October 15, 2015 at 1:19 am (Edit) kspringfield said:
  • Kirsten,
  • It is wonderful to hear from you! Thank you very much for the support and kind words. I am still selling the bracelet. Please email me at with details.
  • Sending you and your amazing daughter much love!
  • Kristin