Grand Canyon Rainbow

Grand Canyon Rainbow

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Posted on: October 22, 2015 • 0 Comments

Visiting the Grand Canyon for the second time today provided healing with a rainbow.

About 15 years ago I had a recurring dream of seeing myself meditate on the edge of the Grand Canyon.  In that dream I remember an overwhelming sense of peace as eagles flew up from within the canyon.  In the dream I was watching myself and the scenery.  I was not within my own body.  3 years ago I had the opportunity to visit the west rim of the canyon while on a trip to Las Vegas.  I did get to sit on the edge of the canyon in real life.  The meditation was quick as I was on tour with a group and there was a time limit.  There were birds that were flying up from the canyon and the rock formation out in front of where I was seated was called Eagle Point.  It was one of those amazing moments where parts of a dream become real.

I wanted to return to a different section of the canyon alone in order to have a new experience.  That is exactly what I received.  It was refreshing in a calm and healing way.  Traveling alone has provided me with the luxury to do what I am led to do without regard for anything else.  With this solo journey I am not looking for validation to see if someone agrees with where I find peace and beauty.  I simply go where I am curious and do what I desire.  Today’s weather was cloudy, rainy and cold.  Not exactly what I particularly like concerning weather, yet my thoughts were,  ”I am here and I am doing this.”

Three years ago I saw the canyon with my eyes.  This visit was about seeing it with my heart. Upon arriving at Cape Royal, which has the best view of the North Rim per the visitor center, I was greeted with pouring raining.  I wanted to meditate again at the canyon ledge.  So rather than go sit in the rain, I meditated in the car. I suppose with my imagination, it is possible to meditate on the edge of the canyon at anytime from any place I want, but I actually did want to literally do this.  Just as I completed my last breath of the meditation the rain stopped.  Quickly layering up, as it was still cold outside, I jumped out of the car and started down the hike to Cape Royal.  During the hike the sky slowly started to open up to allow the sun to shine through.  I just kept imagining the sun on my face with the clouds clearing as I approached the outlook point.  Oh My God!  It was spectacular!  Words can’t describe this vast beauty!

Seeing with my heart and eyes provided such a fulfilling experience.  So much has happened since I last visited this park.  I stood before the canyon with gratitude and peace that I did not fully embrace during my first visit.  To remember this experience I found a heart shaped rock and 2 others to bring with me as I move to my next spot.  There is something about holding a piece of nature from all of the hikes along my journey.  I will cherish these rocks always!

The rain held off for awhile and I wandered around a few other outlook points.  At my last stop, Bright Angel Point, there was this intense rainbow.  It warmed my heart and soul.  A smile crosses my face as I think about how on this day I make my return to an amazing park, yet this time alone, and there is first rain and then a rainbow.  When in the middle of a storm it is sometimes overlooked that in order to experience the beauty of a rainbow there must first be rain.


Kristin Springfield