I smile at the obvious signals given

I smile at the obvious signals given

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Posted on: October 15, 2015 • 0 Comments

My second day in my healing retreat I participated in a medicine wheel ceremony.  I had no idea what to expect, but excitement filled my heart the moment I arrived.

As I approach the medicine wheel, I think about creating one of these in my yard.  I giggle as I consider putting a huge one in my front yard to freak out my Danville neighbors.  Back to the ceremony, there is a burning of sage and using the smoke to cleanse any negativity before entering the wheel.  My guide explains that they usually use a different feather in the smoke cleansing, yet today there was a strong calling to use the Eagle feather which happens to be the directional feather.  You don’t say?  When I ask for some guidance on an issue or request a sign to let me know I am on the right path, an Eagle or Hawk always fly across my path.

My next direction was to enter this large medicine wheel and walk in a circle entering each of the 4 quadrants.  I was to walk around as many times as I wanted, but I was to pick one area to sit in that I was most strongly drawn to.  After a few times around I take a seat.  My guide explains that I am seated in the East quadrant that is all about new beginnings.  This area is dominated by the wind element. The wind is represented in the breath.  Much of my focus on this trip is to return to my peaceful breath.  Interesting I think.  Then he shares that each quadrant has an animal that represents that area.  The animal for the East quadrant is an Eagle.  A huge smile crosses my face as I laugh out loud followed by a great big thank you to God.  As I did ask for obvious signals.

The remainder of the ceremony continued to shed light on new beginnings.  The importance of being joyful and coming from the heart while continuing to connect to the breath.  The rest of the day was filled with meditation.  Some guided and some on top of rocks.  This experience reminds me that I am never alone and the primary relationship to focus on is the one with my self through my heart.  It is remarkable how simple life becomes in those moments when I am truly loving my self authentically.