It’s there, even if you can’t see it with your eyes.

It’s there, even if you can’t see it with your eyes.

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Posted on: October 19, 2015 • 0 Comments

Today in the rain I head to Bryce Canyon. I pull on my newly learned magic (visualization) and imagined the clouds opening when I am to see the Hoodoos. Upon walking up to the edge all I can see is the inside cloud.  As I arrive at the edge and look down, I can see these amazing formations, but they are difficult to see clearly with all of the rain and clouds. With my 7 deep breaths of gratitude and love I notice the clouds begin to open. The sun comes through and shows me the extensive beauty below. Ahh! What a gift; nature and sight!

As I head down to see the Queen’s Garden the beauty continues to open up. Even under the cloud cover there are stunning formations unfolding before my eyes. The light from above revealed so much depth and details that seemed to feel like my heart was opening just as the clouds did.  At that moment,  I realize that I only need to be able to see the next step to take and the rest that I can see is truly a gift.

As I return to the car the rain returns. I travel to 2 outlook points, but can only see inside the cloud again. The reminder that washes over me is that just because I can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it is not there.  As I just saw formations in the sunlight.  Much of life is like that.  There are many things that we neglect to pay attention to that are happening around us all the time.  Or even when I can’t see a quick and easy solution to something, does not mean there is no solution.  It means I need to look harder or look with my heart instead.

I rely on my eyes to show me what is there, what options I have, and if I am on the right path. I understand that sight is not the only sensation at my disposal. I can listen. Maybe try to give my eyes the break and listen for a bit. While standing at inspiration point, I closed my eyes to listen. It was peaceful. Birds continued to sing. The sound of the gentle rain was calming. There was a quiet that I rarely notice. In that quiet I could listen to my heart beat, to my breathing, and nature. Feeling is another sensation with guidance that is often missed. Today the sensation of the rain on my face was refreshing as I ascended out of the canyon. The feeling of the sun on my face when the clouds moved out of the way, was rejuvenating. The feeling of soreness in my muscles reminded me of my strength and accomplishment of yesterday. The sound and feeling of my labored breathing on part of the hike reminded me that the wind within me has the power to keep me moving upward. The water and coffee provided a delight in the day through taste.

Trust that life will bring to me all that I need, even if it is uncomfortable at the moment while waiting. Now that is an unlearning process. I am new to this way of life navigation.  I previously would do just about anything to avoid discomfort.  Now I understand that discomfort carries with it great information for growth and authentic living.  Just keep breathing consciously and pausing to connect to my heart. So far that provides a calmness under my skin and in my heart that I rarely felt in the past.  Beauty is all around me, I simply need to look with my heart and all of my senses to experience that beauty fully!


Kristin Springfield