The mind just got kicked out of the driver’s seat!

The mind just got kicked out of the driver’s seat!

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Posted on: October 17, 2015 • 1 Comment

I put my heart in the driver’s seat of my life and my mind is having a full on temper tantrum!  These last 4 days in Sedona have been a concentrated elixir for my soul.  This entire journey has given my heart and soul fuel to thrive.  Meanwhile, my mind is going into overdrive to regain power.  The mind’s panic button has been pushed.  The negative messages have tried to come flooding in.  However, I already let them all go in the river.  Up until now, it took a great deal of effort to navigate the insane messages.  Today, I can just focus on breathing and give my heart room to speak.

My mind seems to get pissy with the breathing technique.  It screams that it can NOT be that easy.  Where are the complicated math problems and elaborate projects to prove your worth?  When is comes right down to it, if I just pause and breathe deeply a few times magic has the opportunity to happen.  Within the moments of presence, my heart has a chance to be heard before my mind attempts to shut me down.

I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between the message from my heart and my mind.  As my mind gets crafty at times and calmly points out all that I HAVE TO DO in order to be successful.  My retreat guide gave me a simple way to distinguish the difference.  The mind wants action right now!  It actually wants it yesterday.  There is a sense of urgency and anxious pressure when the messages come from the mind.  The heart is calm, kind and has no problem waiting if necessary.  So now when I am not sure,  I listen to how my body feels.  When there is an anxious and negative undertone, I know it is my mind.  It is my responsibility to basically say thanks but no thank you.

When the heart is in the driver’s seat I explore this great land courageously with a smile on my face.   My excitement is with a child like sense of joy and wonder. I get so much more value out of a trip this way!  My mind would have me in a panic attack every time  I hike alone with the fear of bears, mountain lions and strangers.  Hell, my mind would have never allowed this trip to ever begin.   My heart is doing a pretty awesome job.  I just have to keep breathing and practice the discipline of the powerful pause.


Kristin Springfield

Rainbow bright Explorer

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