The power of laughter

The power of laughter

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Posted on: October 24, 2015 • 0 Comments

I am now visiting Moab to explore Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.  Moab is a delightful town filled with very active people.  Bicycle racks are everywhere.  I find it inspiring to see activity all around me.  While staying at a local Airbnb I have made some new friends.  The new friends provided such great joy and laughter to this trip in a new way.  We were having such a good time last night sharing stories that we were shut down for noise.  So that lead to an earlier bedtime than expected, but was a good thing for the hiking planned for the morning.

Hiking today with one of my new friends, Stephanie, was absolutely the best therapy!  When I first meet someone, I tend to find it easy to be authentically me and the smartass is full on.  My thought is I might as well me my complete self from the first moment.  I love having witty conversation with a splash of absurd.  It makes my heart take flight.  My favorite game of 20 questions turns into the groundwork for future jokes and laughter.  The day is ending perfectly with tender cheeks from laughter until I cry, a headache from the sun, and a glass of red wine.  To top it off I have been invited to a cook out by the hostess!

The arches were beautiful yet the company is what made it perfect! Thank you for bringing such joy to my day!


Kristin Springfield