The spot is you, dear!

The spot is you, dear!

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Posted on: October 11, 2015 • 0 Comments

One of the many purposes of this trip is to find my spot to live next.  I have visited so many amazing places that my list of possibilities is growing!  I have experienced some clarity while in nature of understanding that the “spot” is really in me.  Yet a mind blowing moment occurred the other day with regards to this.  I shared with my brother that I had not yet found my spot.  He says to me very simply, “The spot is you, dear!  It always has been.” As I let that sink in, it seemed as time stopped.  Tears flowed as I laughed out loud.  It wasn’t a psychotic break, it was an ah ha moment!  Embracing that the spot I have searched for is not something external, it is actually me.  I just needed this journey to release the lies I have been telling myself all this time.  I truly can go anywhere and do anything, the spot I am looking for is me.  It is not outside of me; it is me.  It is not in a particular area of the country; it is me.  It is not in a job or a bank account or a relationship, it is me.  I just have to stay true to my highest self and the rest will fall into place.  Taking the trip to hike through the beautiful parks and forests has brought me back home to myself.  I am gathering pieces of myself I have abandoned along the way while I let go of the lies of not being worthy.  Let’s just say it feels amazing as I welcome those aspects of myself back home.  There are often tears that vary from sadness to joy.  Above all, the dominant feeling is gratitude.  The release of lies feels like an amazing weight has been lifted from my soul.  Words can not describe the peace.  For that I will be forever grateful!

Visiting friends along this journey brings even more those parts of me home.  During my time in Wyoming I reunited with 2 women whom one I hadn’t seen in 11 years and the other was 5 years ago.  While in Washington I reunited with a woman that I haven’t seen in 7 years.  Now I am visiting with a woman that was a great friend in high school and I have not seen her in 20 years.  All of the amazing women reminded me of parts of myself that they love and provided encouraging support to this journey.  Reconnecting with them has reminded me the true value of friendship.  Life sometimes gets in the way and people drift out of daily life.  However, all of that time apart vanishes once we were back together sharing now and catching up.  Picking up where you left off is only part of it.  We get to celebrate each other’s growth process.  For all of these woman have learned such amazing things about themselves along their own journey.  Having the privilege to open my heart to the woman reminds me how supported I have been, even in the darkest days.  I have more friends from my past to visit along this journey.

My brother blew my mind with the Spot is me.  Now it is my plan to honor that.  It is very peaceful to embrace that I am blooming right where I am.  Since this is something I can do anywhere, I am  so loving all the stops along this journey.  Mind blowing trips seem to be my current passion!


Kristin Springfield