The symphony reminds me of life’s soundtrack

The symphony reminds me of life’s soundtrack

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Posted on: October 4, 2015 • 0 Comments

As my journey would have it, I lucked out on a free ticket to listen to the Eureka symphony last night.  My gracious hostess attends the symphony regularly with a friend of hers.  Yet the friend had other plans.  It was absolutely amazing!  The moment the symphony started tears came to my eyes at the sound of something so beautiful.  My heart opened and I closed my eyes to find myself right back in college.  Mozart and Beethoven were often played to soothe my mind while studying.

The transition of adulthood was challenging at times for me.  Music was what kept me afloat while I weathered the storm of early college.  Classical music saved my grades.  I remember purchasing a 10 pack of CDs of different classical composers.  It was such a joy to discover the amazing music as well as calm down the anxiety.  It was surprising how much of this classical music I heard as a child watching cartoons.  Bugs Bunny cartoons are filled with it.

In this flood of memories, I remembered my favorite gift of all times to receive as a young woman; mixed tapes.  My college boyfriend made numerous mixtapes of classic rock that he listen to and wanted to share with me.  I could not get enough of this new music.  I made him tapes of the alternative music I liked, yet I am not so sure it spoke to him in the same way.  The musical tapes were played so often that they warped.  I miss receiving those kinds of gifts and would love to receive a playlist of music that speaks to you.

Along this journey, I brought a few cds from my college and early adulthood collection.  It is absolutely incredible at the places the music takes me. It helps in the healing.  It reminds me of the joy at different times in life as well as the pain.  The pain now is easily transformed to peace.  That is such a surprising and welcome change!

“The CDs” have been a topic with much emotion for the past 12 years with an old beloved.  I realized that I did not want to release the music for it was one of the remain things that warmed my heart when thinking of the time of life we shared together.  The music was something that we both loved and enjoyed time together while listening to.  I was confused that the cds somehow held the love.  My fear was that if I were to release the actual  cds that I would also lose all of the love.  The past 12 months have continually shown me that releasing attachment does not take away the love in my heart.  Setting the physical objects or people free allows the love in my heart to expand and overflow into new things.  The worry of losing the love is vanishing.  I get to keep the love no matter what.  Nothing anyone can do to take away the love already given.  They can choose to no longer give love, which anyone is free to do at any time.  I choose to breathe in all of the love and release all of the attachment!  So guess who will be receiving a bunch of CDs upon my return?  Yep, my old beloved.

I have to smile as I realize some of the first questions often asked to new people in my life revolve around music and books they like.  Music is the soundtrack of our lives.  What we are drawn to gives an intimate glimpse into another’s soul.  Listening to the musical favorites of another brings me such a joy.  Music moves me to sing, dance, laugh, cry and stretch my thoughts.  I’d rather share music than watch TV any day.

Some of my most listened to songs/artists that speak to my heart right now:

  • Mozart
  • Beethoven
  • Dark Star by Jaymes Young the stripped version
  • Where are you now
  • Goddess by Banks
  • Fight Song By Rachael Platten
  • Let it go by Idina Menzel
  • Retrograde By James Blake
  • Clock work By Dan Aux
  • Unsteady by X ambassadors
  • Here by Alessia Cara
  • Most anything my James Bay, Jaymes Young, and Banks