White horse and a giant dog

White horse and a giant dog

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Posted on: September 21, 2015 • 0 Comments

Now in Montana, I am staying in a tiny cabin with amazing mountain views on all sides!  It is like a dream come true.  Life added a wonderful bonus at this location to further enhance my intention to pick up pieces of myself I left behind.  A beautiful white horse and a giant dog. Let me back up to fill in the story.

When I was in elementary school, my home was close enough to walk to school.  Yes, in the 1970′s it was acceptable to walk to school.  Actually, I don’t think there was even an option to ride the bus.  Parents did not drive their kids to school.  I not only live to tell about it, I remember it with great joy.  When I was very young my mom would walk with me and a group of kids from the neighborhood.  As I grew older, maybe 8 years old, there were many days that I walked part of the way home alone.  Those were my favorite parts of the walk. The path lead through the woods and past a small stable with horses.  Maybe that is where the love of trees and being in the woods started.  There is no place on earth that I feel closer to my heart and God, than when I am in the woods.

Back to the horses.  My mom made my lunch most days, and always packed me carrots.  I HATED carrots, yet horses LOVE them!  I stopped every day at the stables and fed my carrots to the horses.  This helped on many levels.  I helped feed the horses while I  brought home an empty lunch box.  An all around win!  I am sure my mom knew what I was doing.  Needless to say I felt triumphant!

One year a white colt was born.  I was lucky enough to see this baby learn to walk, run, and eat my carrots. It was magical!  I wanted to grow up and work in that stable.  Better yet, I wanted that white horse with all of my heart!  Much like most girls, I wanted a horse and did not get one.  As time would have it, we moved away and the stable was torn down to build more houses.  I wondered where my white horse may have gone after I left.  Well, look what I have at my Montana home, but a beautiful white horse! I know it is not the same white horse, yet it is pretty awesome to have one here.  Last night after I brought my things in I went out into the yard to take in all of the mountains and beauty.  I look to the left and here comes my white horse.  He comes directly up to me and stops before me to receive love.  My loving rubs are returned with a kiss!  How perfect.  An amazing part of my childhood has been restored!

Giant dog.  This Montana tiny house keeps getting better.  I take my coffee out to the back deck to enjoy the warm sunrise.  As I sit down and settle in, I hear heavy footsteps behind me.  Trying not to freak out, I turn to see a giant white Pyrenees coming toward me.  He walks right up to my face, receives my love and gives me a kiss. Amazing!  Now the history of wanting a giant dog as a child.  Since I couldn’t have a horse, why not go for a dog big enough to ride?  Mom was afraid of big dogs and the size of the poop was daunting. My grandfather had a cousin that we would visit when I was little.  They had a German Shepherd that was as tall as I was at the time.  I wanted that dog as much as I wanted that white horse.  Guess what?  Neither one showed up in my childhood.  Well, low and behold, they both show up at my Montana home!  In college and early adulthood, I did buy my own giant dogs.  Yet they did not grow to the height that the German Shepherd was next to me as a child.

The white horse and giant dog in Montana are a perfect reminder to enjoy the magic and wonder of animals.  On a great note as an adult, I am only visiting them and do not have the responsibility of caring for them long term.  Much like I did as a child,  my responsibility is to give them love, receive kisses and leave.

Here’s to collecting and remembering childhood delight!


Kristin Springfield