Final day of the Tree Hugging Tour 2015

Posted on: November 7, 2015 • 

Today marked the final day of my Womanly Journey Tree Hugging Tour 2015.  It proved to be bittersweet.  The temperature was close to 60 and raining.  The host of my final Airbnb recommended an amazing farm to table breakfast.  It was an incredible way to start the day.  There was such a sense of community in this tiny barn building.  The chef was a mix master of flavors and food.  It was truly spectacular to watch.

With a full belly I set off on my final hike of this tour.  Rain reminds me of cleansing and transformation.  I have the same attitude today as I did when confronted with snow earlier in my trip.  I came here to hike and hug trees and that is what I will do.  So off I went.  It was muddy, slippery and fabulous!  Peace is found for me in the solo hikes where I see no one.  When I am certain no one is around the emotions of the moment come through clearly.  From joy to sorrow, I let it all go.

Tomorrow is the drive back to Danville, VA.  That too is bitter sweet.  I am excited to see my friends, delighted to figure out what to do next, and overjoyed to see my dogs!


Kristin Springfield