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The Womanly Journey Tree Hugging Tour 2015 has come to an end.  Or should I say it has come to a place of pause?  I am back where I started this journey after 11,324 miles and 233 hours 37.22 minutes in the Ford Escape.  Today was a great day!  Honestly, it was.  With a 9 week break from this area of the country, I was reminded of the exquisite beauty of the fall colors all over the mountains in Asheville, VA.  Most of the time what we need is right in our own backyard, we simply forget.

Asheville has been a sanctuary for me since my daughter, Mackenzie, was 3 years old.  We started our semiannual visits with the Leaf festival.  I loved the feeling of freedom and peace in my heart once we saw the Blue Ridge mountains.  It was spectacular to visit that place of freedom at the conclusion of this trip.  The host at my final Airbnb added to the joy of the Asheville visit!  There is nothing like laughter to bring light to this transformation.

The drive home from Asheville was the only part of this journey that I have driven several times in the past.  Doing something familiar provided the opportunity to experience the depth of my growth.  Even though the path was familiar, I could definitely tell that I am a different person now.  Boston Market is one of my favorite places to eat, so I made my final road trip meal there.  The expanded version of Kristin made easy joyful conversation with all the people around me.

Crossing my home’s threshold provided raw love.  My perfect dogs, Journey and Sparkle, were overjoyed with my return.  They wiggled around, yelped and licked my face.  Those were the kisses I longed for on this trip.  True and authentic love.  It’s too bad their breath is not better!  My amazing friend, Lorrie, helped to make this trip possible by staying at my home also spent time welcoming me home.  Many tears of laughter and transformation occurred over a lovely bottle of red wine.  She is a spectacular friend!  A wonderful tradition with some Danville girls is Sushi Sunday.  Tonight it was meant to be just Jessie and I.  It is so wonderful to be surrounded with delight and love!  I am grateful to be home surrounded with love tonight.

Finding beauty in where I am has been a joy along this journey.  I want to continue that process and find beauty here.  Tomorrow I will get the house and kitchen back in order even though it already is.  I kind of missed cleaning and cooking in my own space.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone that I want to cook.  More importantly a hike will occur with more tree hugging except this time I will have the company of my dogs!  I am curious to learn what bubbles up for me concerning what is next.  I must say that my first thought  after greeting the dogs was this house if absolutely for sale!  I have no idea where I will end up calling home in the next 3 months, and that is AWESOME!


Kristin Springfield


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