Asheville Pros & Cons


West Asheville is a wonderful place to live. The vibrancy of the town is spectacular.  People are kind.  There are things to do.  Streets to walk, hikes to take and there are new friends to be made here.  Rent is going to run $1000 to $1500 a month for a house.  Expensive, yet that is going to have to be okay with me.  It is at most a 12-month adventure and experiment on living fully!

A wonderful friend of mine asked me to keep track of the pros and cons of each place along this trip.  So here, they are for West Asheville.



outdoors fun



kind people


days drive from folks

airport here

CLT only 2 hours away for cheaper flights

easy drive for Danville friends if they choose to come

places to live that appeal to me

stuff to do!

lots of meetup groups

Hands on therapy jobs available

New experiences to write about


Close to danville

lots of pot smokers here

high cost of living

Would possibly live about 30 min outside of Asheville


Is this it?  Too soon to tell!

Kristin Springfield