Escaped in my Escape

Posted on: November 19, 2015 •Escaped in the Ford Escape

I looked out my window this morning at my Escape and remember my thoughts while sitting in the car just before I pulled out of the driveway to begin my Womanly Journey. Enjoy!

The day is finally here, September 6, 2015. The car is all packed. I am in the driver’s seat ready to set forth on the adventure of my lifetime for the next 9 weeks. I pause and shake my head in disbelief. How did I get here? Not here in the car, but here at this point where I am on a completely different path than I ever expected.

There is no way I could have planned this one. The universe/ God/ Spirit certainly had a hand in this. I believe that we are given gentle messages along the way to guide us on the best direction we are to go. It is up to us to listen. The gentle nudges will become louder until life simply ejects you from the path you are on. I have had a tendency to ignore some of the messages, as my mind is more demanding then my heart. Well, life took care of that ignoring for me. I was ejected from the life I had planned and found myself in the car as I was preparing to escape in my Escape!

I am in a place of life that is so unexpected; I have to laugh when imagining my reaction if someone had told me 3 years ago what I would be doing today. I think about being in the midst of my happy marriage in a blended family with 5 kids all living at home and a stranger comes up to me to share my future. That stranger would have told me that over the next 3 years I would have 2 children go to college. Okay, I could believe that part. Then they would say that the tiny rental home we purchased would be my home that I create alone. I would be confused at that point. To hear then that I would live in the basement apartment for 3 months as my heart breaks while my marriage ends would be shocking! Then to learn that I would be divorced and not see my stepsons for almost a year would be awful. But the kicker would be, to learn that I would quit my job, travel across the country for 9 weeks alone to visit places I have never been before, stay with people I have never met in order to heal I heart by loving myself fully while facing my fears would drop me to my knees. At hearing that, I would pass out, throw up or laugh until I cried in disbelief.

That is exactly what happened. I am stronger than I think am in all ways. My Escape carried me along an incredible adventure known as my Womanly Journey Tree Hugging Tour of 2015.  All 11,324 miles granted me the opportunity to return to myself with love and compassion. Traveling solo proved to be spectacular. Not only could I stop and go to the bathroom anytime I wanted without irritation from any passenger,  I could fully embrace the opportunity to stop at all the sights I desired. The total driving time in the car was 233 hours 37 min and 22 seconds. Every one of those hours felt like I was traveling back to my authentic self at lightning speed!

Returning home has proven to be challenging, as now I am in one place sorting through the emotions of what I want to create for my next chapter in life. I am certain that chapter will include many more escapes in my Escape! I look forward to this next step even though I have no idea what it will be. I simply remember the saying, “Jump and the net will appear.” Here I go. 1, 2, 3 JUMP!


Kristin Springfield