Gratitude shows up in the strangest places


THXThx comes across my phone as a text message. Hmmm. Yes, it is from my second ex husband. I almost respond, and then I catch myself. Realizing all required of me is to absorb the gratitude. I returned a rock, pictures and ornaments his boys created as young children earlier this week to the porch of his home while he was away. I guess the text is for that gesture.

I noticed the texts just before the “thx” arrived. Almost a year to the day was when the last text from him was sent to me. They consisted of notifying me when the closing on the house refinance to remove my name was and insurance information needs. Pretty much the business part of unraveling a marriage. The wave of gratitude washes over me as I am no longer in that place emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Interestingly enough, this text arrived while I was visiting Asheville as a potential future landing place for myself. I was in the midst of loving the place and moment. This wonder of self love and acceptance was in full effect as the phone notification rings. It was perfect. Gratitude particularly from him as I love myself fully is sweet redemption.

Loving right NOW!


Kristin Springfield