Lessons from a blind turtle

turtle love Posted on: November 14, 2015 • 1 Comment

Now that I am back home, I have the opportunity to hike in woods I am very familiar with.  There is a warm sense of comfort in hugging trees that I have walked among for the last year.  When I moved out of the home that my second ex-husband and I shared, I chose to change places that I walked the dogs.  For I could not risk running into him while trying to heal my heart.  This leads me to a fantastic park filled with mountain biking trails surrounded by trees.  It is a perfect place for me to let the dogs run and for my mind to rest.  These woods have allowed me to settle back into Danville with greater ease.

It is always an extra special day when I see a hawk, eagle or turtle.  If all three were to occur on the same walk, I believe my heart would burst with joy.  Seeing turtles are just a delight for me, as I ask to see one if I am on the right life path.  Now that most of the leaves have fallen it is rare to spot a turtle.  The last 4 days have been nothing short of amazing on my walk. Not only have I seen a turtle, but also I have seen the same turtle 4 days in a row in roughly the same spot.  I was able to take pictures with him and noticed that he has no eyes.  This is a good size turtle for these woods and yet where his eyes should be there is just skin.  There does not appear to have been any trauma.  He just does not have eyes.  It looks as though he just closed his eyelids and the skin stayed there.

Blind turtleThe behavior of my blind turtle is different from other turtles I have seen before.  He goes into his shell when he is touched much like sighted turtles.  Yet when not touched, he keeps his head out and walks around more freely.  The skin of his arms and legs has a brilliant orange mixed with dark spots.  He is just beautiful.  It is as though he is moving around as though no one is watching.  He moves with ease and good speed all around his area.

As I watch this blind turtle, I cannot help but recognize a sense of peace.  What would it be like if I were to rely less on my eyes and more on my feelings, just like the turtle?  If I were to actually move through this life as though no one was watching, how different it might be?  He feels something touch him and he curls up into his shell.  Otherwise, he moves through the world using the rest of his senses.  It is similar to living life by following my heart rather than my mind.  What I see and look for provide so much information.  My mind simply has a field day with all the information from sight.  My mind yells out directions before my heart even has a chance to radiate a feeling.  I realize that the fear would kick into overdrive if I could not see anything.  Yet, If I focus on the internal feeling and quiet messages of my heart my mind does find a place of peace.

My new turtle has reminded me to quiet the mind by focusing less attention on sight and listen to the heart of feelings.  I choose to allow the other senses to have a greater input rather than solely relying on sight.  That encourages me to simply breathe. Thank you, my dear turtle, for another perfect example of peace and acceptance in nature!


Kristin Springfield

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  • Your writing is exquisite. Your willingness to share. Giving gifts of insight with stories of a blind turtle, thank you <3
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