The last can of Who Hash

The last can of Who HashOne year ago, today I moved into my sweet home and took a major step toward emotional freedom.  After living in the basement apartment of the home I shared with my second ex-husband for three months, I was more than ready to create my own home.    Something I do well is creating warm and welcoming spaces.  During the time I lived in the basement, I was surrounded with boxes, artwork of mine wrapped in towels on the floor and all the furniture that could be moved downstairs.  My emotional health was at an all time low and I needed to get out of that environment.

The moving vans showed up and loading began.  I am grateful that my second ex-husband was working that day and not expected to arrive home until long after I am out of the house.  Relief washes over me!  I brought the majority of the furniture, rugs, created most of the artwork and pictures with me into this marriage, and most items were coming with me.  As I walk through the house to double check to see if everything is in the moving van, I realize how stark the house looks.  It has gone from a home to a house.  I realize that I have taken the feeling home with me and leaving an empty shell.  It looks as though I took the last can of Who Hash, which I received as a gag gift while celebrating Christmas with my family.

The movers arrive at my new home and bring in all of my items.  I brought with me all the items and it was up to me to create home.  I so desperately needed to feel home around me in order to heal.  The first 24 hours is all about getting the large furniture arrangement done and a smudging to invite love into the home while clearing all negative energy.  The next 24 hours is about settling the kitchen and filling it with food.  The subsequent 24 hours is dedicated to bringing home to life. Curtains are hung while unnecessary doors are removed with the help of friends.   I hung my favorite artwork that I created.  The quilts my mom made for me are hung to create a warmth and feeling of love.  I tweak the positioning of furniture my dad built, rugs and cushions.  Candles are light, incense burning and music is turned up full blast while enjoying a glass of wine while taking a hot bath.  This completes the home set up.   All that is left to do is fill the space with loving people and create memories.  This is my sanctuary of loving safety.

A year has passed for me living my life in this loving sanctuary.  Many tears have been shed here.  They are tears of sadness, gratitude, forgiveness, joy and most importantly love.  My life continues to transform at a rate that gives me whiplash and I enjoy the ride all the while.  I have no clue what 2016 holds for me, yet I am excited to embrace every moment of it.  Gratitude for all of the love I continue to receive has me in awe.  Thank you for joining me on this journey as I realize I have come a long way!


Kristin Springfield