Gratitude shows up in the strangest places


THXThx comes across my phone as a text message. Hmmm. Yes, it is from my second ex husband. I almost respond, and then I catch myself. Realizing all required of me is to absorb the gratitude. I returned a rock, pictures and ornaments his boys created as young children earlier this week to the porch of his home while he was away. I guess the text is for that gesture.

I noticed the texts just before the “thx” arrived. Almost a year to the day was when the last text from him was sent to me. They consisted of notifying me when the closing on the house refinance to remove my name was and insurance information needs. Pretty much the business part of unraveling a marriage. The wave of gratitude washes over me as I am no longer in that place emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Interestingly enough, this text arrived while I was visiting Asheville as a potential future landing place for myself. I was in the midst of loving the place and moment. This wonder of self love and acceptance was in full effect as the phone notification rings. It was perfect. Gratitude particularly from him as I love myself fully is sweet redemption.

Loving right NOW!


Kristin Springfield

Day one: Asheville arrival

West asheville map12/10/15

Day one arrived in Asheville.  

As I was driving yesterday, I realized that after about 120 miles away from Danville my heart and soul are fully relaxed!  As I arrive in Asheville, I relish this lightness in myself.  West Asheville certainly has my interest.  My host is great.  Then I met the roommate.  He is from the UK with a spectacular accent. More on that in a minute.  Much to my delight, I am two blocks from the heart of West Asheville.  Off I go!

I feel like myself out here!  I wander around the main street of shopping and dining.  It is filled with fantastic and eclectic places to explore.  I make a new friend in every place I stop and each has a suggestion to get the most out of the trip.  I will be heading to Black Mountain for a hike tomorrow.  That is interesting to me, as Black Mountain is where the LEAF is.  That is a festival that Mackenzie (my daughter) and I attended semiannually from the time she was 3 years old.  

I feel alive and lovable as I am.  Is it that there is no ex husband here?   I had something emotional bubble to the surface today on the drive.  Have I been hoping that either ex-husband would finally show up?  Or is it possible that I wanted be around so I could experience the return of a beloved?  Well, maybe.  Yet they both have shown me who they are.  They are men that I loved with my whole heart, and we are not healthy together in partnership.  Therefore, no matter what they do to show up, neither one is my man.  I only have room in my life for my highest self and the man that is truly meant for my soul.  Neither one of my previous husbands are that man.

On my first night in town, my roommate and I went to the largest pour your own beverage bar.  Too fun!  Then off to dinner.  Great conversation and wonderful idea sharing are abundant.  He is floored at learning my age and that I do not have men all around me.  What a love!  He then backs up to see which team I play for.  That just makes me laugh as he is not the first person to ask that question; for the record I prefer men.  Poor thing has been drinking and begins to look me up and down with less stealth.  I am in hiking pants and a hiking shirt with my sports bra on.  I am not exactly dressed to impress. I have no makeup on and my hair is unruly much like my life.  I guess either I still got “IT” or men after drinking do not care anymore.  Maybe both.  We had a lovely time!  It is grand being a girl. Actually it is grand being this girl that I am!  Then I was off to my Asheville room ALONE.  It is beyond empowering to say “no thank you”, close the door and go to sleep peacefully!

Kristin Springfield

This is it tour begins!

Moab Arches12/9/15

I have been home for a month now.  It is time to get back on the road!  It is where I am at my best.  This new tour is to revisit my top four places.  My goal is to choose my place without trying to please another person.  Now that is brand new for me!  To actually be selfish and aloud about it requires my courage!  I have never done this before.  Making a choice of this magnitude without considering what others need, want, or expect of me.  Yes, it is exciting and daunting at the same time.  I have an awesome privilege in front of me.  It is my responsibility to myself to make this AWESOME!  I am just not so sure what that will look like in the end.  Honestly, does anyone?

So, that brings me to “This is it Tour!”  I will spend time in Asheville, Sedona, Flagstaff and Moab.  Asheville is this weekend and the others are in January.  My thoughts were clearer while on the road.  I am in need of a redose of clarity during this chapter of my Journey.

My idea at this point is to make a career choice by Feb 1 after the completion of This is it Tour.  I have certainly learned over the past year, that the Universe may or may not have the same plans as I do.  The Universe always wins.