This is it tour comes to an end

purposeful connections womanly Journey I am finishing my final day of the “This is it Tour”.  This day will consist of driving to Pheonix to rest up for a 6 AM flight in the morning.  I wonder what in the world I was thinking when that was booked.  Almost find myself considering leaving this evening by changing the flight.  I am now on this time zone so staying up late is not an issue for East coast time.  We shall see how the wind takes me.  A final walk in Sedona will be nice.  It is a mystery on my next return date to this part of the country.

Along this trip, I was gifted with the reminder of my love for hands on work.  While in Moab, Erin was reviving her kitchen cabinets.  It has been too long since I participated in a home reviving project.  Upon arrival, there was a need to figure out how I could be part of this project.  We started first thing the next day, after coffee of course.  I scrubbed the frames to remove the grime from the past as she hung the newly stained doors.  It felt wonderful to be part of something like this.  Bringing beauty back to something old warms my heart.  Doing a task like this as a joyful team was beyond meaningful.

Along this trip, I experienced the joy in my training as an occupational therapist.  I am forever grateful to my younger self who worked so hard in college to graduate with a skill that will serve me for a lifetime. Thank you, Miss Kristin from ages 18 to 22!  You make life great even now.  So all those endless flashcards and memorization nights are still paying off.

One wonderful woman I met has been struggling with shoulder tightness after an accident years ago.  She recently learned that the joint and muscles are not torn and movement is safely necessary.  I was able to offer some pain free movements with a hope for her to do her hair without excruciating pain and tears.  5 days later, I return to her to see a huge smile on her face.  Her shoulder is doing much better and she can now do her hair with greater ease.  It is not perfect yet, but she can see improvement!  Now that is what I love about this practice, finding the real goal and taking steps to get there.  No regular person cares about the number of degrees they can move a joint.  What they do care about is if they can do something important and independent for their daily life.

Another gift arrived in Moab.  A wonderful woman hurt her thumb during an epic mountain biking fall.  Her thumb has healed beautifully!  Yet her wrist is sore from wearing a splint.  During a class, she was trying to work her wrist by putting her weight through it.  That is too much pressure at this point to be comfortable.  I offered her an option to stretch passively without using pressure or weight.  Much to her amazement, it felt good!  That is what I am after.  Simple solutions that actually do something meaningful for the lives of others.  Looks like hands on treatment is where I will find myself in the next few weeks.

The delight in purposeful connection with others continues to show up and radiate through this journey!

Kristin Springfield

Moab Reflections

Loving Moab Kristin Springfield This is a majestic area!  There are amazing businesses here that revive the entrepreneurial spirit.  I attended a women’s network meeting with my friend, Erin, who owns the bed and breakfast I am staying at.  The women of this community are dedicated to making this small town a wonderful place to call home, while working to meet the needs of visitors to make their stay here perfect.

Fun with Moab friends Womanly JourneyHiking here is beyond abundant!  When I visited in October I kept to the National Parks, however this visit is all about immersing my self in the local culture.  Determination Towers was the hike of yesterday.  This hike required my friend to guide me.  The “trail” as through dirt roads, wash areas and unmarked foot trails.  Free roaming cows had been along this path earlier.  They marked the path in a fragrant way.  I suppose I could have gone myself using the cow patty markers.  Yet it was much more fun to go with friends!

The evening ended with a spectacular celebratory meal.  While on the road, I get tired of eating out. It has been a long time since I found the joy in cooking.  One surprising return over the past 3 months is my delight in cooking.  After my article was published in the Washington Post, we decided a celebratory dinner was necessary.  I wanted to do the cooking for the 4 of us.  With the help of my culinary artist daughter’s recommendations, I whipped up the best shrimp scampi over gluten-free pasta.  Accompanied with champagne created a magnificent meal!

Today I will be participating in the best spin class. Erin, my host turned BFF is also a spin class instructor.  This class is like nothing I’ve ever been too.  The music is straight out of the dance club.  The workout includes the basics and then throws in the boogie moves.  My favorite part is the disco ball and spinning colored lights while the main lights are off!  Exercise has never been so fun!  This helps to counterbalance all of the festive eating and drinking!

Womanly Journey and the TreeOne more delightful day in Moab then back to Flagstaff, AZ.

~Kristin Springfield

Washington Post Features Womanly Journey Tour

Cathedral RockA major accomplishment in publishing happened today!  I submitted my story about the Womanly Journey Tree Hugging Tour to the Washington Post travel section about two weeks ago.  It published today in the Sunday paper!  Submitting this article was one of the things I had been putting off.  Resistance and fear did play apart in my reluctance.  I wondered if it would ever make it to the paper or if it would just be too insignificant to publish.  I just completed reading The War of Art and my motivation was at an all time high to beat the ultimate enemy, resistance.  The book recommended completing the tasks you have been putting off immediately.  Like a good student, I stayed up late into the night writing this article and submitting it.  I was at an all time high of accomplishment.  Resistance did not win!

While on my “This is it Tour” I stopped thinking about my article submission.  The sites and people were a wonderful distraction.  This evening while reconnecting with my joy of cooking my phone alerted me of a notification from a friend on Facebook about adding something to my timeline.  I looked closer and noticed that a wonderful friend saw my article and posted it.  Delight and joy washed over me!  Thank you Washington Post for publishing my article.

Enjoy by clicking the link below!

Womanly Journey Tree Hugging Tour 2015

Kristin Springfield