The second leg of This is it begins

Super heroThe second leg of this tour begins!  I awake to snow on the ground while I laugh and shake my head at this beautiful sight.  For I am afraid of snow. Well not, snow itself, but driving in it.  It is not sticking to the roads so I will be okay.  I start the day with facing an old fear.  I feel out of control in the car with slippery roads.

I head to AZ and UT where there may be snow as well.  I did check all of the weather reports and it looks like I will be snow free.  Yet I am certain about one thing; life plans and weather forecasts change on a dime without regards for your plans.

I dined with a dear friend last night at the same restaurant I did before I left on the Tree Hugging Tour four months ago.  This time was much less dramatic without running into my past, which I am thankful for.  I enjoyed my time with a friend and ran into another of my key supportive friends.  Apparently, last night was about collecting love, courage and support as I venture out into the world.

This trip starts with simple purposes.  Quiet my mind.  Open my heart.  Listen and pay attention to the messages of the universe.  All I ask is for the messages to be obvious and repeated until I get it clearly.

diamondsSomething came to me this morning.  “Wear your bands of diamonds.  Not to bring the giver with you, yet to bring the beautiful parts of you from the last 24 years.”  What?  Okay.  I love rocks and stones. I collected heart shaped rocks along my Tree Hugging Tour to remember the beauty in the place as well as the growth of my spirit.  Why would these stones of my past be any different?  I want to bring all the joyful parts of me along with me from now on.  It starts with something physical, moves toward emotional and then is integrated fully.

Off I go to return to places where my spirit soared freely.  This time I bring all of the beautiful parts of me.  The demons have turned to angels.  Thank you!


Kristin Springfield