Sedonaaah and it’s message

From the moment, I stepped into the security line at the airport I knew I was heading in the right direction.  This sense of empowerment washed over me and I fully embraced me.  Wearing my new favorite T-shirt that says proudly, “Keep calm.  I am a superhero.” set the tone for interaction with strangers.  When I am fully present in the moment, I smile a great deal.  Eye contact becomes natural as my head trash melts away.  My red shirt was more for my reminder to have fun than anyone else’s.  It proved to be quite the icebreaker.  I met some folks in line heading to Europe.  People in the waiting area were friendlier than I experienced in the past with work travel.  Flight workers and seated passengers were downright chatty as I walked past them.  Winks and smiles were everywhere.  I love this shirt and the aura created when I wore it.  Friendly people are everywhere and people like to giggle to themselves!  Thank you Sonic Tator Tott for this incredible gift of love and joy!

Devil's bridge While on a hike to Devil’s Bridge today, the beauty of the red rocks and quiet trails caught my attention. My heart asked to hear the I am love mantra.  The I am love mantra goes like this:  I am love, I am loving, I am loveable, I am loved, I am love.  The heart requested to hear it 24 times.  Once for each stone in the bands.  As I repeat this mantra aloud, my eyes begin to tear up.  Try saying that mantra 24 times and not cry.  At first, it feels silly, then moves into a counting task, then grabs your heart, soul and mind in the form of a momma bear hug.  The kind of hug you never give to yourself.  I will be that person for others, yet not for me. With the help of a loved one, I remembered that I don’t need to earn diamonds, love, caring or anything else, for who I am is not only enough but amazing.  I had it all wrong.  I thought love and diamonds were something to be earned.  Today I remembered fully that who we are, who I am, is enough for love.  Diamonds are just diamonds.  Roses are just roses.  The meaning placed on anything is in the mind or heart of the receiver.  I simply desire authentic connection and love. The diamonds and roses are just nice material gifts.  The ultimate gift is connection and the offering of our authentic self with an open heart.

Solo female hikerAs I continue on my hike, I continue to settle into the joy of connection.  In addition, poof a new friend shows up in the form of a solo female hiker.  We hit it off immediately!  Our stories are different, yet the desire to love ourselves fully dominates our journeys.  Hiking leads to lunch and then to Facebook friends who are now encouraging each other on our solo vacations.  Such joy!

Cathedral RockOn to my next hike which revealed encouragement from fellow hikers to venture forward in the face of difficulty.  Everyone was doing it for each other.  I rounded out my perfect day in the presence of a spectacular sunset in the restaurant managed by my Airbnb host.   Paying it forward in bestowing a journey bracelet upon a delightfully spirited woman, as she is now free from a relationship that was unhealthy was the ultimate!

Sedona sunsetA full circle of self love lead to a powerful connection then to receiving the gift of nature while passing on the gift of self belief.  A pretty awesome day!  Friends make this life beautiful!


Kristin Springfield