Go just a bit further


just a bit furtherOn Bear Mountain Hike, the markers to the trail tend to be hard to find and follow.  They are white arrows painted on the rock, which can be far apart and fade into the rock face.  As I ascend the trail to get to the top of this amazing mountain I reach a point where I may have ventured off the marked trail.  Historically this would freak me slam out for I hate to be lost. Being lost sends me into a tailspin of illogical fears of suffering a painful death. At a point where I am certain, I am off the planned trail, calmness washed over me. Therefore, the potential of being lost in a peaceful state of mind provided evidence of immense growth!

hidden trailI may not be on the marked trail, but I am on my trail.  This is my path during this hike and I am excited to see where it takes me.  There is clear indication that someone has gone this way, for there are footprints.  I decide to go just a little bit further up the mountain.  A white arrow shows up after a few minutes of climbing rocks.  Awesome!  Just going a bit further on this path provided confirmation that I traveled in the correct direction.

How often have I just kept going in the wrong direction or given up?  Bunches!  The message to go just a bit further kept repeating itself in my mind.  Just a little bit further.  Then WHAM there is clarity to how I approached relationships in the past.  Going just a bit further is a very valuable concept in healthy relationships.  Yet, I applied that concept to the unhealthy ones.  I would go a bit further to earn love, time, and attention through trying to be perfect for the other person.  Notice I forgot the focus was always meant to be on being the very best me.  Every step made away from myself was not really going a bit further toward the relationship.  It is actually taking steps away from it.  I had it all wrong.

Just a bit furtherThe greatest gift I can give to any relationship is to be fully present as my best self.  At least be on taking steps towards my best self as I go a bit further in the relationship.  Go a bit further is a direction back to the pure version of my soul.  As I walk in this beautiful land of Sedona, AZ my heart soars.  This is a place that I never want to bring the mundane features of regular life to or go a bit further while moving away from my best self.  I desire to forever be in awe of the red rocks!


Kristin Springfield