The gentle nudges from the universe

cathedral rock inner journey Today I said goodbye to Sedona with the company of a friend I made during my previous visit.  Kurt with Inner Journeys accompanied me on a hike to one of his favorite places only locals know.  The sights just astound me.  It has been three months since I last spent time with Kurt.  During my previous visit he led me in powerful meditation sessions that focused on trusting the universe and life’s process.  One that sticks with me is the meditation by the flowing stream.  The resounding lesson is to let go of behaviors, beliefs and things that no longer serve me while trusting all I need will flow effortlessly to me.  My heart embraces that while my mind panics when I release agendas and desire to control.

Inner and Womanly Journey uniteKurt and I have a great time catching up on our life journeys since we last talked.  Three months proved to be a great time of releasing beliefs, behaviors and items to flow downstream.  Apparently, I forgot about the part of allowing life to flow to me.  I have been busily trying to plan the next step.  Kurt reminded me that the stream brings to me exactly what I need as I need it.  I shared with him my experience while hiking in Sedona  that I received an email requesting an interview for a job I had not even applied for.  He nodded and smiled.  Then our talk turned to the gentle nudges of the universe.  Something inside me said, “Fuck!”  My universe has been doing more than gently nudging in a particular direction.  I have pages of these gentle nudges from the universe that I am busy trying to disqualify.  No such luck.  I will just lean into love and see where the stream of life takes me.  At this moment it looks like I will be interviewing for the job in VA.  

Kurt reminded of a saying from Byron Katie that fits so clearly right now.  “There is your business, there is God’s business, and there is other people’s business.  All you have to worry about is your business for the rest is taken care of by God and others.”  So other people’s feelings or beliefs about my choices is their business, and not mine to be concerned with.  That is freeing and frightening at the same time.  Just like no matter what I decide to do it is ALL RIGHT.  Again my thought is  “Fuck!”  Here I go. 1, 2, 3 jump!  Peace and release bring with it a bit of excitement.  The fear falls away and all that is left is love.  It really is simple.  I just keep trying to complicate this journey.  

flagstaff Womanly JourneyI am loving right now. My goal is to continue loving each and every right now!  As my mind continues to blow apart, I realize that I so need some more walking.  Fortunately, Flagstaff and all the surrounding areas provide many opportunities for walking.

Kristin Springfield