Lessons of self investing

Flagstaff self lovingExploring Flagstaff did not disappoint.  People here are perfect just like all the places I visit.  My time of exploring in this fashion will be ending soon.  It was cold with lots of snow and ice on my trails.  I returned home early for a hot bath and a quiet evening.  As I reflect, I consider what it is that I have learned during the last 5 months of investing in myself?  I love myself more today than I ever have.  I am at my very best when I am walking in nature.  I enjoy all types of weather, yet sunny and warm are highly preferred.  Writing is the most therapeutic thing for my soul.  If I can write while I am outside then it is a heavenly experience.  Driving across this country is a gift that I am grateful for, and look forward to repeating many times.  Being in awe of the landscapes puts life stressors in perspective, they don’t mean nearly as much as I thought.  Loving relationships and connections are the only things that matter to my heart and soul.  Money is a tool to enhance this life experience. I vow to not enslave myself to money in order to find peace, as that type of peace is temporary and ever changing.  I learned that financially supporting another who can take care of themselves is a sure fire way to create laziness.  Investing in my heart and soul allows me to show up for life fully and with great excitement.  When I look back over this last 18 months, I jump for joy as I look at myself in the mirror.  My happy weight has returned, I enjoy a feminine hairstyle and curves again!  I am woman hear me roar.  I have shed despair, depression and powerlessness.  I gain self-love and authentic connection.  I remember how amazing humanity is.  I desire to get back to creating a meaningful change in the lives of others.  Writing, friendship and Occupational Therapy are my current vehicles to make that connection.  I look forward to discovering other ways to do that.