Grand Canyon Round 3

South Rim Kristin SpringfieldEvery time I walk away from the Grand Canyon, I am a little bit stronger with my connection to God.  Today marked my third visit.  Each visit was to a different side of this amazing canyon. Today was to the south rim.  The rim trail allowed over six miles of walking along the edge of this majestic place.  Some of the trail was covered in snow and ice while other areas were clear.  The snow and ice will be gone soon with the warmth of the sun.  The walk along this trail reminded me of my life journey. My emotional patches of snow and ice have since melted away with the warmth of sun light called love.  While in the shade, it felt like the snow and ice might just last forever.  I forgot that my true path was always there, it simply needed the warm light of  love for the true path to be uncovered.  That love had to come from myself for myself and nothing else!  I understood the saying that you need to love yourself first, yet I just lacked the tools to do that.  Who knew that the secret for me was in the simplicity of hugging trees?

Each visit has given me the gift of awe, yet each time it is a bit different.  Today the weather was clear, crisp and perfect to see the entire canyon.  The amount of time that this canyon has been in creation brings great perspective to my life.  My stressful and troubling thoughts melt away with a big reminder that it does not matter whatsoever what I do specifically.  I just need to remember my only purpose is to send, be, and live a life filled with Love!

God speak through meGod speak to meI often ask God/ Universe/ Spirit (put in your word here) to speak to me and to speak through me.  I visualize the higher being or energy to be light.  Today while taking 1000 pictures and bunches of selfies I got carried away and accidentally took a few extras.  I go through my pictures at the end of each day to delete bunches.  In that process today, I stumbled across two photos that play with the location of  sunlight perfectly to visualize light/spirit/God speaking to me and then through me.  I found myself laughing as I discovered this.

A divine experience of love, appreciation and gratitude filled my day.  I had no plans of visiting the Grand Canyon again on this trip.  It just showed up as a suggestion three times by three separate people.  That is the magic number to get my attention.  Off I went and I returned with a renewed spirit of letting go!

Kristin Springfield