Washington Post Features Womanly Journey Tour

Cathedral RockA major accomplishment in publishing happened today!  I submitted my story about the Womanly Journey Tree Hugging Tour to the Washington Post travel section about two weeks ago.  It published today in the Sunday paper!  Submitting this article was one of the things I had been putting off.  Resistance and fear did play apart in my reluctance.  I wondered if it would ever make it to the paper or if it would just be too insignificant to publish.  I just completed reading The War of Art and my motivation was at an all time high to beat the ultimate enemy, resistance.  The book recommended completing the tasks you have been putting off immediately.  Like a good student, I stayed up late into the night writing this article and submitting it.  I was at an all time high of accomplishment.  Resistance did not win!

While on my “This is it Tour” I stopped thinking about my article submission.  The sites and people were a wonderful distraction.  This evening while reconnecting with my joy of cooking my phone alerted me of a notification from a friend on Facebook about adding something to my timeline.  I looked closer and noticed that a wonderful friend saw my article and posted it.  Delight and joy washed over me!  Thank you Washington Post for publishing my article.

Enjoy by clicking the link below!

Womanly Journey Tree Hugging Tour 2015

Kristin Springfield