Moab Reflections

Loving Moab Kristin Springfield This is a majestic area!  There are amazing businesses here that revive the entrepreneurial spirit.  I attended a women’s network meeting with my friend, Erin, who owns the bed and breakfast I am staying at.  The women of this community are dedicated to making this small town a wonderful place to call home, while working to meet the needs of visitors to make their stay here perfect.

Fun with Moab friends Womanly JourneyHiking here is beyond abundant!  When I visited in October I kept to the National Parks, however this visit is all about immersing my self in the local culture.  Determination Towers was the hike of yesterday.  This hike required my friend to guide me.  The “trail” as through dirt roads, wash areas and unmarked foot trails.  Free roaming cows had been along this path earlier.  They marked the path in a fragrant way.  I suppose I could have gone myself using the cow patty markers.  Yet it was much more fun to go with friends!

The evening ended with a spectacular celebratory meal.  While on the road, I get tired of eating out. It has been a long time since I found the joy in cooking.  One surprising return over the past 3 months is my delight in cooking.  After my article was published in the Washington Post, we decided a celebratory dinner was necessary.  I wanted to do the cooking for the 4 of us.  With the help of my culinary artist daughter’s recommendations, I whipped up the best shrimp scampi over gluten-free pasta.  Accompanied with champagne created a magnificent meal!

Today I will be participating in the best spin class. Erin, my host turned BFF is also a spin class instructor.  This class is like nothing I’ve ever been too.  The music is straight out of the dance club.  The workout includes the basics and then throws in the boogie moves.  My favorite part is the disco ball and spinning colored lights while the main lights are off!  Exercise has never been so fun!  This helps to counterbalance all of the festive eating and drinking!

Womanly Journey and the TreeOne more delightful day in Moab then back to Flagstaff, AZ.

~Kristin Springfield