New direction


I have been home one week and two days.  What did I learn at the conclusion of “This is it Tour”?

  1. I desire a life filled with peace, love, joy and freedom.
  2. I desire to experience part time work in order to support my passion
  3. I desire to explore my passion of writing the other part of my time

Much of my time in my adult life has been somewhat like a race to get to the next level of an elusive definition of success.  Now that I paused long enough to look at myself, the direction for my life continues to evolve beyond my comfortable thoughts.  The levels I worked hard for in the past were for the purpose of external validation and acceptance in the rat race to success.  I understand how those efforts to gain a new level were in the wrong direction.  They focused on the outside of me rather than focusing on my heart.  This new desired life is not a specific physical place; it is a state of mind with a peaceful heart.  After 5 months of taking steps to fall in love with myself, I am delighted with where I find my life going.

My passion in writing is growing and taking me on a new direction.  My desire to positively affect the lives of others through therapy reawakened on this final trip.  My commitment to honoring my highest self deepens and strengthens daily. Freedom for me at this point in my life looks like meaningful occupational therapy in order to support and enhance my writing.

While compiling the tour stories, I found myself writing a book rather than just a collection of blog entries.  Actually, this story is in me and demands to be written, is a better description of what is happening.  I surrender to the life process of mine.

By surrendering, I have experienced many wonderful things over the past 5 months of retirement/ sabbatical/ midlife recreation.  Gratitude for taking the leap of faith bubble up to the surface daily.  This is it Tour provided the gift of wonderful friendship that I cherish!  I must confess; I am interested to see how my writing will look with me being happy rather than sad.  I am delighted to learn how to navigate that.

Stay tuned for excerpts from the story.  As I will be sharing some on the blog soon!

Kristin Springfield