2 and a half out of 3 is awesome!

Womanly JourneyWhen we ask for 3 things to happen in life and 2.5 of them come to life is pretty amazing.  Gratitude fills my heart today!

Taking a six-month break from life as I designed it has been incredible.  It actually has given me perspective about what is important to me separate from popular opinion of how life should look.  I finally understand that loving me is most important.  I have heard that saying and said it many times in my life.  Yet I lacked clear understanding and the skills in which to put it into practice.

Being on the road for 9 weeks cleared my head and heart of the head trash of I had been carrying around for my entire life.  It turns out that most people do not really care what I do in my life.  The way in which we all (including me) judge people and their choices is simply a projection of our own fears, beliefs or discomforts on to others.  What other people do in life is none of my business!  Giving the business of others back to them is so freeing. Releasing my judgments of others is even more freeing.  The actions of others provide more information about what still needs healing in me.  Rather than talking negatively about what someone is choosing to do in life, I can send them love and happiness in their choice.  Along that same note, it is not my business if others do not like, agree with, or believe in what I choose to do in my life.  There are three kinds of business: God’s business, my business, and other people’s business.  With taking care of only my business, I find I have discovered there is much more time to focus on what I really want to do in this life of mine.

With focusing on my business, the life I desire to live comes into focus.  I want to write.  I want to write something meaningful and healing for myself and offer it to others.  Therefore, I do that in some form every day.  I want to put my hands on people through occupational therapy in order to make a meaningful impact on their lives.  I want to experience a life balance that includes working part time and living life full time.  I have accepted and exciting part time position to do just that!  I also wanted to move to a new town with freedom from financial stress.  Well, it looks that one is going to wait for a little while.  Writing and a life balance are far more important than a new town at this point.  The half of the last is the financial peace.  For me, peace in finances is worth more to me than a new address.

Two and a half out of three desires is awesome.  I love how the universe works and look forward to the next chapter of life.


Kristin Springfield