My truth in a health cleanse

health cleanse tree hugging lynchburg, VA  I am 12 days into a health cleanse.  My goal at the start of this 30-day plan was to increase energy, eat healthier and have my body working closer to peak performance.  Well, let me be honest with you. It pretty much sucks!  My energy is drastically down.  That may very well be a good thing for others who have to deal with me.  I tend to be a bit high octane, but I love that feeling.  I am consuming more vegetables, fruits, and eggs than ever before!  By the time, I am done with this experience; I wonder how long it will be before I want an egg.  This style of cleanse and reboot does not allow any dairy, grains, processed sugar, alcohol or anything gluten.  Some of those things are not hard for me to remove, but two of them are a challenge.  Processed sugar and red wine are my strongest desires.

Someone asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner.  My response was, “I want chocolate mousse encased in a shell of rich dark chocolate, with fresh homemade whipped cream, drizzled with hazelnut sauce and a huge glass of Cabernet!  Yet what I will have is steamed vegetables and salmon.”  I am just waiting for the hallucinations to begin.  The book I am following 98% of the time does a great job of describing the feelings you may experience each day.  I am at the day where one would experience what they call the hardest days and next up is dreaming of junk food.  Fortunately, I have made it through the days described as you may want to kill someone, all you want is a nap, and you may feel like you have the flu.  That is exciting!  My stomach feels satisfied and even full with the meals, my intestines are on overdrive and my taste buds scream at me, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Now that I have started, I am curious to see what I will feel like in the end.  My retirement is ending as I start work March 21.  I am so excited to return to more human interaction in a purposeful way again.  I wanted to spend some time resetting my health before returning to work.  I will see this thing through.  It will give me something to write about, obviously. It also allows me to thoroughly understand why I may never eat like this again!

I am 1/3 of the way through and lost four pounds that I gathered during retirement.  I look at it this way, my cells and body have gathered happy along this seven-month experience.  Now it is time to shed the remaining sadness that still resides in my body.  I just hope I don’t snap in the meantime.  On March 30th I will be enjoying the chocolate mousse dessert and Cabernet.  Who wants to join me?  Name the place and time, and I will be there!