Joy in a twirl

perfect twirlToday at work, I found a co-worker wearing a perfect twirling skirt.  The kind of skirt that is created in such a way that when you spin it flares out at the bottom, all the while staying low to the ground.  It is beautiful to see these skirts dancing around.  They make life sparkle a bit more; at least it does for me.  Skirts like this are meant to move and twirl no matter where you are.  It is the kind that inspires me to go shopping for one!

I spotted my friend and could not help myself.  “Oh, my that is a perfect skirt for twirling!”  She looks up at me with a big smile that reminded me of a young girl feeling completely feminine and fabulous when she says, “Thank you.”  I take my joy a step further with a simple request, “Spin.”  Much to everyone’s delight, she launched into a perfect spin.  The skirt flared to reveal the beautiful polka dots in two distinct patterns.  She giggled aloud as joy seemed to visibly rise from her toes to the top of her head.

The special part is what happened to all that witnessed this.  Everyone around joined in a giggle and bright smile.  This moment reminded me of how joy lives in the simple things in life.  Her skirt was ready to twirl at any moment to spread joy for all to see.  It was as though I could see a wave of joy pass through the crowd.  It only lasted a moment.  Yet sometimes all we need is a moment of joy to transform our entire outlook for the day.

I encouraged her to expand her joy for the rest of her day.  “You should twirl every time you get up from your chair!”  She smiled brightly with a wonderful compliment, “I love working with you!  I have not twirled in years and this feels fabulous!”  My heart smiled right back at her.  Maybe, just maybe, reminding people to be joyful when they are grownup is where I am at my best.

Twirl on! Namaste!

Kristin Springfield