Life purpose in the simple terms

Life Purpose  is something that I have longed to identify.  I seem to struggle with the idea and bought into the belief that my purpose must be profound, really hard and no one else can do it.  That can be incredibly stressful.  I mean what if my purpose is something that everyone or anyone can do?  Would that somehow mean I failed as a human?  Up until last year, I would have said, “Yes, that means I failed.”  Now I call BS on that thought.  I now remember the simple things in life and believe my purpose is found there.

This past year has taught me so many wonderful things about purpose.  Quitting life as I designed it is exactly what I needed for my heart and soul.  I trust that I will know when it is time to do that again.  I trust the process of life and healing, even when it doesn’t make sense to others.

simple joyI now remember that a genuine smile has great power.  It can change someone’s day in a wonderful way just as quickly as it can shift mine for the good.  Slow stretching brings peace, releases pain and invites function back to our bodies.  Taking time to breathe 15 minutes two times a day is a game changer in worry and stress.  Being silly and laughing with others radiates joy and happiness far beyond the actual moments together.  Oh, and hugging trees brings peace to my soul!

I returned to work about eight weeks ago.  It has been an adjustment in the very best of ways. I have a work- personal life balance that I forgot was possible.  When I am at work, I work.  When I am not at work I have the opportunity to enrich my personal life.  Right now that is filled with editing my book, exercising, spending time with loved ones, and hugging trees!

I have implemented all of those powerful lessons into every day of my work life.  It is an incredible gift to be part of something bigger than myself.  Putting my hands on people to remove pain and to invite function to return is rewarding in a way that words can’t describe completely.  Seeing the joy on a woman’s face who can now do her hair after surgery several months ago, brings with its excitement for both of us.

I have the opportunity and space in my life to be creative, connect with people, be silly, meditate, improve flexible and laugh joyfully while I continue to heal my heart and soul.  I suppose I always have had those opportunities.  I simply see them more clearly now. I also see my purpose differently.  It is simple; breathe, stretch, smile and laugh some every day.  The rest will fall into place.  Let me not forget to forgive myself and others along the way.