Tinkerbell loves Chocolate

In the early adult years, Tinkerbell was busy trying to be seen as a grown up in the eyes of the world she wanted to belong to.  She was 19 when she acquired her first of many dogs, an apartment, and began living with Peter Pan.   That first year of living together as “adults” was filled with great fun as well as frustration.

As a young girl, Tinkerbell could not wait to be a grown up and have a place of her own.  She believed that she would be able to whatever she wanted while creating the ultimate home for herself and her Peter Pan.   This meant that their place would be clean, neat, inviting, smell good, feel relaxing and loving all at the same time.  That is a challenge to bring to life for anyone, especially for a 19 year old who desperately wants approval and acceptance from the outside world.

chocolatesPeter Pan and Tinkerbell had many wonderful times in their first apartment.  After about 6 months of living together, a routine had been established.  Tinkerbell was busy flitting around trying to create that homey, clean, good smelling fun apartment.  She usually did a great job with managing this task.  It would take another 15 years for burnout to set in fully.  Being only 19, Tinkerbell had yet to learn how to manage frustration, disappointment, anger and sadness effectively.  One evening after the newness of living together wore off, Tinkerbell approached Peter Pan about helping out with cleaning.  He was busy watching football and did not hear her.  Tinkerbell responded in an immature way of taking the batteries out of the remote control after turning the TV off all the while walking out of the room in a huff.  Poor Peter had no idea what just happened, and followed after her.  He tried to find out what was the matter and really wanted those batteries.  The football game was apparently getting really good and let’s be honest, it was important to Peter.

Tinkerbell rambled on about needing help around the apartment, feeling lonely and missing the fun Peter promised when he moved in.  Peter knew he was out of his league with this argument.  He apologized and Tinkerbell went to bed.  She was up early the next morning for class and left without saying goodbye.  She was still hurt and angry with Peter for not helping her.

At the end of a long day, Tinkerbell arrived home ready to take the dog for a walk.  It had been one of those days that felt like it would never end.  There were hours of homework to complete, dinner to make and laundry to put away.  Much to her surprise there was a special gift on the kitchen table just for her.  There was a card professing Peter’s love for Tinkerbell, which was wonderful, but the package beneath the card had a profound impact on her mood.  The card was attached to a huge box of assorted chocolates.  Tinkerbell immediately tore the box open and started shoving the delightful chocolates into her mouth. Tears came to her eyes as she immediately forgave Peter for all wrong doing.  She flew into the living room to find Peter in the same spot he had been the night before; on the couch watching TV.  Tinkerbell landed on his lap wrapping her arms around him.  Through her tears and mouth full of chocolate she was able to communicate over and over again, “Thank you!  I love you so much! You are the best, Peter!”

Peter held his Tinkerbell close and giggled to himself.  You see, he checked the calendar today, as he was confused by her emotional state the night before.  He figured out that Tinkerbell was just about to start her monthly cycle and noticed that there was no chocolate in the house.  Peter Pan saved the day with remembering Tinkerbell’s love of chocolate, especially during “that” time of the month.  With a simple purchase of chocolates, Peter was fully forgiven.  Well played!

Tinkerbell and her inner Buddha still find chocolate to be soothing on the rough days!

Here’s to loving chocolate,
Kristin Springfield