The Tree of life rings true love

Tree of life ringJoy washes over me as my jeweler presents my tree of life ring to me.  It is a perfect mix of nature, art, love and gypsy style.  This ring is created with diamonds given to me by two significant people in my life.  I simply could not wear the original rings without heart ache, even though they were given with love in mind, that is long gone between the giver and I.

Back in January I returned to Arizona and Utah for a round two.  That trip was to revisit my most likely to move to locations.  The morning before I left, the Buddha in my heart gave me a clear message, “Wear your rings.”  Confusion and disbelief came to me.  Why would I bring and wear the rings that bring heartache along this journey of self discovery.  My inner Buddha responded with more love, “I will show you how these rings will bring you closer to your highest self.”  I shook my head and followed the Buddha of my heart.

Along my trip, I wore the rings on every hike.  There were 24 diamonds between the two rings.  The value of 24 came to life on a solo hiking trip in Sedona.   Each diamond represents a year of my life from the age of 20 to current time as a 44 year old.  At the age of 20, I chose to discover myself within a relationship and did not stop that until I turned 42.  There are many wonderful and heart breaking memories over the past 24 years in my relationships. I had to search a bit more to discover experiences each year that were only about authentically loving myself from 20 years old to now.  On my hikes throughout that two week trip revealed some amazing memories of personal triumph, love and courage.  The diamonds represent an authentic self loving experience of each year of life since I turned 20 years old and I am proud of myself for each and every one of them!

Those self honoring diamond experiences are now in the form of a magnificent ring designed and created from the Buddha within my heart.  This ring reminds me to bring love forward from all of my relationships especially the relationship with myself.

Thank you to the Buddha of my heart, for asking me to open my heart to these precious stones of the earth.  Something that is uniquely me now graces my life daily.


Gypsy tree hugger