2 years makes a huge difference!

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the official end of my marriage.  I recall sitting in the golden chairs of shame shaking and crying as I realized that I was suddenly homeless.  Not homeless in a way that would leave me under a bridge, but homeless in the way that there was no safe place to rest my head and heart where it would be protected.  I asked him to sit with me.  He complied to be in the same room, yet would not sit.  I started with saying I wanted to shift the energy and share what we appreciated about each other.  I was ready to start by saying how much I appreciated the kiss I received in my sleep as he left for work before the sunrise.  I never got the chance.  He turned his attention to me saying he wanted a divorce and wanted me to move out immediately.

Today, I am surrounded with people who gladly share what they appreciate about me with ease.  I don’t even have to ask.  Today I heard thank you for all I do  from 8 different people.  All I was doing that they thanked me for was just me being me.  I did nothing spectacular in my eyes.   A stranger told me that they love my purpose and blog.  15 people shared that they couldn’t wait to read my book while others confidently told me I would go far with my writing.  Today, I have more than a home, I have a life filled with passion and purpose that I am proud of.  I have created a home within my heart and soul that can never be taken away.

I look different on the outside and inside than I did 2 years ago.  My heart is open and actively healing with purpose to be complete.  I am stronger and braver than I ever imagined or gave myself credit for.  How many of us minimize ourselves?  I have been a pro at that, but today I pause.  I am grateful for the greatest gift of ejection from a life of destruction that ended 2 years ago today!  

Kristin Springfield

Radiating gratitude