You will wish you had!

Everywhere I turn I am reminded to live in this moment, even if it is uncomfortable.  I work with a wonderful population of the elderly.  Many of them can’t do the things they once loved.  The ladies are wearing shoes that they would have not been caught dead in at my age.  One woman turns to me and says, “Buy the fashionable shoes now!  You will wish you had.” Another someone says, “Buy the dress that you look great in but have no where in mind to wear it.  You will wish you had.”  Another someone says, “Take the trip!  Don’t keep waiting, do it while you can.”

I am bombarded with these messages.  I can’t help but think my heart is now communicating with me through the experience of others.  These wonderful seniors carry wisdom that is so often overlooked.  My challenge is to be humble enough to listen and act on their guidance.  I am guilty of putting things off and not buying a dynamite dress with the heels because I have no place to wear them.  Yet one time I did, and boy did it feel amazing!

Taking my trip across the country last year for pushed every personal fear I had to the limit.  Yet I took a baby trip to Miami Beach, FL before the big leap trip.  I met a girlfriend on a last minute trip.  Nervousness did not even touch the anxiety and adrenaline flowing through my veins as I boarded my plan in Raleigh, NC.  I had flown numerous times before, but not alone for a pleasure focused trip.  My cab ride to the unknown hotel almost had me throwing up out the window, and then I felt the ocean breeze.  My heart beat returned to a normal pace and a feeling of calmness washed over me.

My girlfriend and I went shopping for our night on the town.  Clothing is ridiculously expensive per square inch and every dress is a micro-mini dress in Miami Beach.  I wasn’t sure if I had what it would take to try on, buy and then wear one of those dresses.  The salesman was brilliant.  The fellow customers must have been working for commission that day.  As I slipped into one of the smallest dresses I have worn in years, the salesman handed me the highest heels ever to be placed on my feet.  I checked to make certain the private parts of my body were covered appropriately, adjusted the heels and stepped out of the dressing room.  The shop’s movement stopped and all eyes were on me.  “Oh my God! Turn around and take this off immediately!” continued to go through my mind.  Then suddenly the room erupted with compliments in my direction.  I could not believe my eyes and ears.  As the people began to quiet down I remembered a dear elderly woman telling me, “Buy the dress.  Buy the shoes.  You will find THE place to wear them!  You will wish you had!”  In honor of that wonderful woman, I followed her guidance.

that dress, those shoes, the tripThat night, I concurred another fear while actually wearing the dress and the shoes in public.  In Miami Beach women wear string bikinis and high heels 24 hours a day, so my dress was on the conservative end for the area.  After the anxiety and adrenaline subsided joy filled my heart and soul as I proudly walked down the sidewalk to our destination for the evening.  It does feel amazing to live in the moment responsibly with a flair for fabulous.  That dress and those shoes have rarely been worn since.  Yet every time they are, the room stops, stares, and smiles.  I have no idea when I will wear this outfit again, but I do trust that when the time shows up, I will know it.

Living in this moment takes courage for me.  It is more comfortable to analyze the past or plan for the future.  Yet all that is real is Now. I choose to listen fully to my heart and to the people who have wise recommendations to share.  So buy those shoes that your future feet will never be able to wear.  Wear the dress your future body won’t be flattered in.  Take the trip your future body won’t be able to tolerate.

Here’s to loving this moment!

Kristin Springfield