Overflowing gratitude

sibling loveI gifted myself with 5 days in the Midwest in order to spend time with both brothers( Brian and Robb) and their amazing wives (Pearl and Margaret).  They gifted me with tailor made events to lighten my heart while reminding me of the importance in loving connection.  Bloomington, Indiana proved to be an enchanting place that I could see myself living.  I need to see what the winters look like for a few years, since I am a wimp when it comes to snow.  We then traveled to my oldest brother’s, Robb, home in Champaign, Il for even more loving connection. 

step countingThe chosen entertainment by Brian and Pearl included things I could have never guessed.  After 9 hours of driving the night life consisted of recital called OctTUBAfest.  We then finished the night at a bar to enjoy Oktoberfest beverages.  Amazement rolled off of me as the gifted tuba players (would that be a tubaist?) played.  I always imagined tubas never played alone, and were certainly were not center stage.  That assumption was shattered!  

The next day was all about movement.  Hiking in the wood, walking the neighborhood and howling with laughter.  We found ourselves lost (or in an unfamiliar place) in the woods.  Fortunately GPS on our phones guided us to the car in a somewhat efficient fashion.  Needless to say we achieved our steps for the day goal before lunch.  The evening entertainment was one of the top 10 comedy clubs in the country.  Then followed with time at another bar for drinks and dessert.  Brian and Pearl are very light drinkers, so all this alcohol was a new twist.  

Bloomington, IN tree huggingBy day 3 fatigue started to set in.  We are Springfields for heaven’s sake and pushing through is what we are known for.  This day consisted of shopping and tree hugging through downtown Bloomington and Nashville, IN.  Trees downtown are covered with “sweaters”  and my heart squealed with delight!  I found the perfect hiking shoes, trail running shoes and fun boots.  Apparently, Pearl needed to get her shopping fix vicariously through my wallet.  I found myself with a dress, top, hat, jewelry, and a purse before the day ended.  Those of you who know me, know that I don’t shop.  This behavior was so out of character, and my fun budget is blown for the next month!  The finale of that day was one more new adventure.  We enjoyed the silent movie Hunchback of Notre Dame that was accompanied by a live organ.  This tradition of silent movie and organ playing for Halloween was in its 48th year.  Interesting.  We were completely exhausted by the end of this day.  

Day 4 started with a road trip to Champaign, IL to enjoy Robb, the eldest, and his belovedfeather vintage robe Margaret.  We had a blast traipsing around town visiting vintage stores.  I found a pink satin robe enhanced with ostrich feathers around the collar, cuffs and pockets.  Of course that came home with me!  Who could turn that down?  Not this girl.  By 2 PM we were ready to sit down and luckily we found a few bars open. The evening ended with an incredible dinner followed by hanging out in the basement while chatting over a few bottles of wine.  It was like we were teenagers or young adults at the same time!fun in Champaign, IL

Day 5 was another road trip and pizza while relaxing.  This vacation warmed my heart and soul.  The connection experienced with my brothers simply strengthens the home I have within me that can never be taken away.  The opportunity to step fully into their world as an equal made the little girl in my heart dance for joy.  I have been restless in the past in wanting this type of connection with my brothers.  Had I just relaxed and trusted the process of life things would have been easier when while I was growing up.  Gratitude overflows as I reflect on the connection I am so fortunate to have with these wonderful people. I am privileged to call those incredible people my brothers and sisters!

Kristin Springfield