Returning to a familiar place

Today I left my beloved friend in Moab to continue my adventure further into Utah.  My plans were to stay with her for a few more days, yet God had other plans.  When I was a young girl I developed an allergy to cats that continues to this day, much to my effort to convince myself that I am not allergic.  My beloved friend, Erin, has an adorable cat that adopted her and her home a few months ago.  Unfortunately, it rained for the 2 days I visited and staying inside made it hard for me to breathe.  A tough decision was made and I left this morning for Kanab after 3 delightful days laughing, drinking wine and making plans for next year.  

I decided to take a new route that I’ve never been on.  Much like my trip in 2015, my travels take me along a road only one time.  That means if a picture is desired, I must take it then since I won’t be returning that way again.  This allows me to slow down and stop often to breathe in the fresh air while taking pictures.  I also have perfected my drive by shootings (of pictures).

Today I returned to 2 significant places from my original Tree Hugging Tour of 2015; Bryce Canyon and Rocking V cafe.  An additional gift of today was that all National Parks were free entry for the day!  It was cloudy much like my first visit, but the canyons were visible and gorgeous.  There was snow on the ground and dusted the tops of the hoodoos to give a spectacular affect.  Breathing a little bit deeper than I had for the past 2 days filled my heart and lungs with joy!  This amazing place reminded me of the beauty in nature and her ability to create something amazing out of wind and erosion.  Even as I am on this incredible trip old sadness found its way into my suitcase.  Today I focused on leaving it in the canyons for Mother Nature to create something incredible with.  The last leg of the drive was with a lighter heart as I arrived in my new home for the next 2 days, Kanab, UT.

The final gift of the day was the reminder to be fully present in each moment.  Kanab is the home of my favorite restaurant, The Rocking V Cafe.  It has incredible gluten-free options and a dessert that makes me throw my head back and delightfully moan.  Here is an excerpt from my book about the first time I dined in this amazing place.  Today was even better than I remember.  

10/20/15 I could not wait to experience a wonderful meal at the highly recommended Rocking V Café. Traveling alone for three months, I had seldom indulged in these kinds of pleasures. I coupled this with my remaining glass of red wine. While awaiting my dessert, I was wildly writing about my day and barely noticed that two gentlemen were seated at the table to my right. When my dessert arrived, I distinctly remember looking down at this display of perfection while taking a deep breath of gratitude. Placing the first bite on my fork, I made sure to have some of the berry sauce along with the fresh whipped cream as well. I placed the fork in my mouth, and my pleasure damn near exploded!

I placed the fork on the table, threw my head back, closed my eyes, took a deep breath through my nose, and moaned in delight. I heard a noise to my right that brought my awareness back to the room. I looked to see the two men seated next to me staring at me with big smiles on their faces. I giggled and said, “You have to try this dessert!” They responded by saying, “Obviously!” I felt busted in the most intimate private experience and blushed.

            When their dessert arrived, I felt justified in turning my body toward them to watch the show. It seemed only fair since they had seen my food orgasm that I watch theirs. They shyly looked over at me and smiled. I said, “Since you watched me have mine, I’d like to watch you have yours.” Now it was their turn to giggle. They both took a bite and enjoyed it in a controlled way. Some people temper their reaction to avoid embarrassment.

Tomorrow I head to Zion National Park.  Hopefully I will visit my discomfort with extreme heights and sit where angels land one more time!


Kristin Springfield
Tree hugger