The road soothes me

I am on the road again and love it!  The residual anxiety that accompanies me at all times finally releases its grip here.   It is funny how I don’t recognize the anxiety until it is gone. A relaxation sets in like a warm blanket.  Sweating on the trails of Sedona, driving through Monument Valley and landing in the arms of my dear friend, Erin, reminds me of what is important in life.  In the act of being with Mother Nature sets my heart and soul free while the chronic anxiety is soothed.

When a child is scared the reassuring touch from a mother solves everything.  It washes away the fear and anxiety while replacing it with love and confidence. I can concur anything with love, courage, confidence and a splash of adventure.  Out here in the dessert I am reminded that all of those things are available to me (and you) at all times.  That reassuring love speaks loudest to me when I am in the dessert.  Or maybe because life is quiet here and I listen more.  I lean into Mother Nature while she provides the ultimate reassurance.

There is a sense of duty on this trip.  Life is ever changing and independence is something that is easily taken for granted. Independent living has changed gradually for my Dad over the past 5 years, as he has Parkinson’s.  My instructions for this trip from both of my parents were clear, “Go have a good time!  Travel for us!”  Unfortunately, they are no longer able to travel.  I am reminded to fully embrace my abilities that I have today.  My level of independence will also change as years pass and life happens.  It is my privilege to hike these mountains, scurry over rocks, sit cross legged by the creek to meditate, to drive across this great landscape, and to hug trees with over flowing gratitude.  So I am out there getting after it!  Now I spend time with a wonderful friend in beautiful Moab for several days.  AHHHH!




I nestled into hot yoga this morning.  The class warmed my body and spirit.  It is customary to set an intention at the beginning of class.  Mine was to release the bullshit that no longer serves me.  In yoga-speak that translates to “release”.  During the final pose of rest we are asked to return to our intention.  During those moments of silence this popped up. I haven’t dabbled in poetry since 8th grade, and will quickly return to stories.  Yet thought it’s worth sharing as I confront discomfort head on.


I forgive you
I forgive me
I release you
I am set free

Go on, my dear ones
I wish you well
For I am done
Living in this hell

I wanted you to choose me
Yet I lost myself in the point
There never was truly a we
The fear was thee, I’d disappoint

What was the purpose?
Perhaps you were a temporary teacher
To show me I’m worthless?
Your lesson was to make me take a breather!

Authentic love Is only what I seek
For conditions do not live there
My fears vanish before I peak
Joy and laughter is where I flair!

The threshold for abuse lowers every passing day
Poetry is clearly not my thing
No one really cares what roles we play
Spreading love is the absolute bling!

Oh, and Magical Giggles, too!


Kristin Springfield