I love my birthday!


Just last Saturday I turned 45!  I love my birthday much like I did when I was a little girl, but for very different reasons.  As a child, I was excited about receiving tangible gifts from family and friends.  Now, it is much different.  I find my heart and soul beaming all day long.  To proudly say, “It’s my birthday!”  Saying that awakens an inner joy I usually keep under wraps on a regular basis.  People always say, “Happy Birthday!”  It is a moment where we really see one another.  There is a mini celebration in all of us on our day!  I love to learn of someone’s birthday, and have the opportunity to wish them a special day.  Honestly, I want to wish everyone a great day every day.  Actually, I do try to bring joy to every interaction possible.

My most favorite thing to receive on my birthday is phone calls.  I receive them from the people who love me dearly who live near and far away.  I receive cards and meaningful gifts that touch my soul too.  Yet to hear a voice from someone who truly sees me reminds me that I matter in a way that spreads a smile across my face all day.

Technology allows even more connection, and I love that too.  It may only be a quick text or a message on FB.  Every one of those brightens my day.  I feel witnessed.  Not for doing something amazing, but for just being here.  I love to laugh with my brothers on the phone, yet somehow on my birthday it is just a bit extra special.  Maybe it is egocentric of me, yet I turn around and send so much love out into the world.  It is a time when I feel worthy, valued, and loved.  Other times of the year, I forget, as I am sure many of us do.   I remembered how lucky I am to be alive, healthy, and loved.  Today I allow myself to be fully me in all of my quirky ways.  I let my freak flag fly freely on my birthday.   This year I was delightfully gifted with many acts of kindness and selfless giving that brought joyful tears to my eyes most of the weekend.

This birthday number is significant as it shows me how the idea of old has greatly changed since I was 6.  My parents were 35 years old the year I was born.  By today’s standards that is young.  Yet back in 1972 the majority of parents of my friends were significantly younger than 35.  I remember looking around at the parents of my friends and thinking my parents were Old by the time I was 6.  My mom would have been 41 at the time, and was starting to grey.  Much like I have in my 40s, I really don’t care to color my hair that often.  I have reached a point that I will color it when I want to for me, not to appear younger for other people’s comfort.  Anyway, in my youthful wisdom I deducted from the age of other parents that my parents would be dead by the time I was 10.  That would put them at the ripe old age of 45, which is how old they are in the featured picture of this blog.  I have to say as I went to bed on the last day of my 44th year I wondered if I’d wake up at 45.  Delightfully, I woke up alive and well!  I am happy to announce that my parents are still alive and living well past the age of 45!

I hope to live this year as every day is a gift of life, because my 6 year old self thought my parents would be in heaven at this age.


Kristin Springfield
Heavenly living after 45
Birthday Girl


Childhood dreams and adult reality

Dreams do come true.  They just might take awhile.  There may also be many sleepless nights before the dream comes to life.  As a child, I had delusional ideas of what adulthood would be like.  Much of what I thought included absolute freedom, fun and laughter all the time.  Even though that is not what I saw the adults in my life experience, my dream was going to be different than theirs.  Oh, and boy it has been, but this weekend was an awesome dream.

Now that I have found myself at the last weekend of my 44th year, I see how that dream has come true.  It simply is with less glitz and glamour, but it’s still amazing!  My nest has been completely empty for a few years now.  It has been challenging at times to deal with that change gracefully.  Beginning again as a single woman with an adult child who lives 10 hours away is a big adjustment.  For 23 years I had someone to care for and/or share a home with.  Now that I am dating myself, I chose to focus on gratitude in the moment.  I have learned that magic happens in the little things of life, like a bright smile from a stranger or the new buds on the trees.

This weekend was filled with loving moments that my childhood self would be doing back flips for.  I honored my body with hot yoga, trail running and hiking in the Jefferson National Forest.  My 7 year old self would be amazed that I am physically able to do those things in one weekend.  Apparently, I thought 44 was old.  I celebrated my friendships with dancing, laughing and picture taking.  As a preteen Disc cameras were all the rage.  I could not tell you how much money was spent on developing awful pictures.  With the help of technology and immediate gratification, hundreds of pictures can be taken and reviewed while dancing now.  For this I am grateful!

My weekend included a surprise ride in a sensational sports car with a friend. I attended a local event where I heard many stories from new faces.  My 7 year old self would be delighted, ask if she could turn the radio full blast, and jump up and down at the opportunity to meet so many people.  It wasn’t my car, so I didn’t do that, but the stories and conversations were something to remember.    My parents belonged to a supper club when I was young.  I would longingly sit on the stairs watching all the adults smile, laugh and tell stories.  This weekend I was part of the event rather than sitting on the stairs watching.  Sunday included yard work, which is something I saw my parents do every week.  Satisfaction washed over me as I look around my neatly manicured lawn.    I understand fully how a groomed yard and clean house can bring joy to the soul.  The ultimate ending was with my dear friend, Darla, as we reviewed our pictures,  stories, and adventures from the weekend with lots of laughter!

Adulthood right now is pretty damn awesome.  I realize life evolves and can shift drastically in the blink of an eye.  Due to that fact of life, I vow to stay present and enjoy each moment. Next weekend I am back in yoga teacher training and be surrounded with new faces as my 45th year  begins.  No matter what next year brings for me, I look forward to more dreams coming true!


Kristin Springfield
Adulting is fun