Almost there

I am almost there with regards to many things in life.  Graduation from yoga teacher training is in 2 weeks.  After 7 months of intense training, I am almost there.  The I Love Me (a little bit more) Tour consisting of a month long road trip to Montana begins in 3 weeks, I am almost there.

Two years ago when I first set forth on the epic 3 month, 11,000 mile road trip I called the Tree Hugging Tour, I had several goals in mind.  One of those goals was to find my home. The Universe has a way of working things out.  I discovered that I love my little home in the small town I have lived in for over 20 years.  As I settle in to calling Danville Home, I realize that I am almost there.  New reasons show up that open my heart o the awareness of already being home.

The journey of yoga teacher training reawakened some of my earlier life intentions.  The primary one is the desire to live from the inside out.  Releasing attachment to what an outcome needs to look like while striving to not take things personally is a worthy challenge.  I am loved more than I can possibly grasp.  So are you.  There have been many times over the last 7 months when I have touched the awareness of great love.  Sitting in meditation, quietly walking in the woods and holding hands continue to open my kaleidoscope heart to the power of Great Love.

I look forward to my upcoming tour.  It will mini version of my 2015 trip.  Yet this time, I am not searching for anything outside of me.  I am looking forward to spending that time with my highest self, Mother Nature and God.  I am almost there!


Kristin Springfield
Yogi (almost)