Level the playing field with one simple rule

I strive to bring joy to life in as many situations as possible. This weekend was a great success in doing just that. I joined 3 friends at a new place, Ballad Brewing, to listen to some live acoustic guitar music.  After a reasonable amount of time there was a natural lull in the conversation and I took that opportunity to take in the space.  Much to my delight I noticed an open dart board and corn hole game.  How better to bring laughter to a group than a few good games with a twist?

My strength does not lie in the art of eye hand coordination.  It especially does not live in games such as darts or corn hole.  I wanted to enjoy these games together yet loathe playing those types of games with people who are really skilled at them.  It is an awful experience for us both.  The easiest way to level the playing field is to have one rule in your group game; you must use your non-dominant hand! Yep, you have to use the opposite hand that you write, eat, or throw a ball with.

The group immediately fussed and then acquiesced because they were curious.  This way everyone pretty much sucks at the game.  The goal quickly becomes all about fun.  People are extra delighted when they do well and cheer each other on while laughing at the awkward technique.  The rules get much looser and there is absolutely no score keeping.  The goal is to just hit the board at all.  Then it moved to adding a creative flair before throwing the dart.  We ran out of ideas to add finesse safely to darts and turned our attention to corn hole.  Now there is a game that has unlimited opportunities for laughter when using your non-dominant hand.  Toss styles included, but were not limited to the Frisbee toss, over hand throw and kettle bell style toss.

No points were added.  Everyone laughed until they cried.  No one suffered from any injuries to their ego, and no eyes were lost.  A successful evening filled with joy! The evening reminded me of the power in letting down our guard, in being courageously silly, and willingness to try something new.  Those things bring out the kid in us, and that kid doesn’t care about points.  Deep down we just want to have fun.


Kristin Springfield

Left handed corn hole Wizard