The power of a 9 year old girl!


I had the privilege of spending time with a family at Circle View Ranch in SD.  Their children are all 9 years old and younger.  One day stands out to me when I was reminded how amazing life is for a 9 year old girl.  It is before the hormone shift and the massive changes in your body.  That is when you are roughly the same strength as all the others your age regardless of whether you are a boy or girl.  You have mostly likely not been brain washed completely on how you should look or act.  You are free within your body and embarrassment is not life threatening yet.

One morning my favorite 9 year old girl took me on a tour of her ranch in search of Jack the Jackass.  Our adventure took place on a motorized vehicle called a Mule.  How perfect could that be?  She drove with such confidence as her hair blew in the wind.  The cattle dog racing by her side as her eyes sparkled.  Her inner power just radiated and she didn’t even know it. I turned my head to look at this incredible creature and all of a sudden remembered something about myself.  This is the place where I strive to return to in myself.  This is why I walk in the woods, seek out play ground swings and find laughter in the simplest things of life.  My inner 9 year old is coming back to life.

After decades of believing the outer world on what happiness and success are suppose to look like, I am finally returning.  In that moment with my amazing partner in crime, my heart opened as my soul yelled, “It is about damn time you heard us!”

We went on to find my Jack.  Our laughter and glee could be heard for miles.  She encouraged me to try driving.  I gracefully declined for 2 reasons.  First of all, I have exactly zero experience with driving a mule.  Secondly, I wanted to witness this amazing girl take the reins of life so confidently!

Thank you, Katie, for reminding me how amazing life is through the purest eyes of a 9 year old girl.  My only recommendation to you is to keep that part of you alive and well.  For me, this journey back to my inner 9 year old has been challenging and worth every step.  You inspired me to ride the bunny statue and be the unicorn!  You will continue to inspire me in ways you will not even be aware of.  xoxox


Kristin Springfield
9 year old girl at heart!