We all have baggage

During dinner one evening, a friend’s beloved said, “Honey, we all have baggage.  It is your responsibility to keep it zipped up and leave it in the car.  This is not the time or place to open it up and share it with everyone here.”  Simple yet profound!  At dinner with friends is clearly not the place to open your baggage or luggage and go through it.  More often than not, the items are dirty.

I have had a bunch of stinky clothes from hiking in my bags.  There is no place other than the laundry room to open that up.  Looking at emotional luggage is much like dirty laundry from long days of hiking.  There is a time and place to go through it, and almost always, is not when at dinner with friends.  Yes, we all have baggage, but not everyone needs to see it.

Much of my travel has been with the purpose to open any residual emotional baggage and to honestly look at it.  With an open mind and heart, I have the opportunity to look at each piece and decide what is worth keeping.  It is always helpful to have a loved one with you during that process.  Sometimes you must go at it alone.  Time on the road, during long hikes, and meditation allow this cleaning process of that emotional baggage to be effective.  I take the time dive right into the messy parts and talk about it with the Universe.  Somehow in the moments of fatigue or intense focus clarity shows up.  Maybe it is the sweat and tears, but there is definitely a sense of peace that washes over me when any baggage is released.  On this trip my effort has been to lovingly release all that no longer serves my highest good or the highest good of others.  So far it has been an amazing adventure!  I continue to lighten my load and allow life to transform before my eyes.


Kristin Springfield
Actively decluttering her baggage